Apple seeks to develop iPads to provide a closer experience to laptops


Apple is preparing to reveal a lot of changes to the iPad operating system during the upcoming developer conference, with these changes aimed at enhancing the experience of simulating computers in iPads.

Apple is developing the iPad operating system to be a separate system with a different experience from the iPhone operating system.

The leaks indicate that the upcoming iPadOS 16 update announced at the upcoming Developers Conference will be the first change point in the operating system to enhance the experience of computers in iPads. The source of the leaks indicated that the iPadOS 16 update will include a multitasking feature in the user interface with a new design to support the user with a better experience in launching more than one application and switching between different tasks in applications smoothly.

On the other hand, iPad sales have risen to 9% of the total sales of Apple devices in recent years, but the laptop experience in iPads was one of the most requested features in the iPad interface from professional users.

Reports indicate that the support of iPads with the M1 chip has led to the evolution of the performance of iPads to provide higher performance efficiency to be closer to laptops, so Apple is also seeking to develop the interface to provide performance that takes advantage of the power of these processors.


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