Garmin updates its mid-range running watch for the first time in three years


 with a major update — plus another one for the most demanding athletes. The company introduced the Forerunner 255, a follow-up to the 245 that adds full triathlon support as well as a more accurate multi-band GPS, Garmin Pay and race setup tools that include a multifunctional widget and a “morning report” with sleep data and suggestions the exercise. You can also expect to track heart rate variability and power stats from Garmin’s HRM-Pro add-ons or Dynamics Pod playback.

Battery life is healthy, too. You can expect up to 14 days of use in full smartwatch mode, and 30 hours in GPS mode.

The Forerunner 255 is now available, with pricing determined by media support rather than chassis size. The series starts at $350 for the 41mm Forerunner 255S plus the larger, 46mm 255. If you want on-device music from Amazon, Deezer, or Spotify, you’ll need to spend $400 on the 255S Music or 255 Music.Garmin updates its mid-range running watch for the first time in three years

But you now have a better incentive to spend more. Garmin is also launching the Forerunner 955 Solar, the first solar powered running watch. The glass panel gives you up to 20 days of smartwatch use and 49 hours with active GPS – useful for long-distance runners.

The 955 Solar is now available for $600, while the more traditional Forerunner 955 retails for $500. As with previous 900 models, you probably already know if you want one. They squarely target professional athletes and serious enthusiasts intent on improving their pace.

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