Tik Tok gives you a distraction-free viewing experience


Some TikTok users have started noticing the Clear Mode option, which allows them to watch the video without overlaying the user interface that usually displays things like favorites, comment buttons, and other information about the video.

The platform confirmed that it is currently testing the feature. But it is not clear how many people have access to it.

Those in the test group can access Clear mode by pressing and holding a video, and then clicking the Clear Mode button in the pop-up menu under the Add to Favorites button.

The same method can also be used to exit Clear mode. There is also a button in the lower right corner that takes you back to the traditional user interface.

Clear mode gets rid of all the clutter that appears across the screen, such as captions and buttons, when viewing content through the app.

Once you activate Clear mode, you won’t see usernames, captions, audio information, and more.

In some cases, you can also get rid of the like, comment and share buttons for a completely distraction-free viewing experience.

And if the new feature is fully rolled out, it could be a useful addition for people who want to eliminate the clutter that appears across the screen and focus only on the content they are watching.

The new mode may also be useful in cases where usernames and captions cover important parts of the video.

Tik Tok is testing Clear mode for a less cluttered scrolling experience

Additionally viewers often comment that they want the user to re-upload the video so that it can be screenshotted and cropped without any captions or buttons getting in the way of the content. Activating the new mode can get rid of this problem.

TikTok said it did not have much information to share about the test at this time. Given that Clear’s mode is undergoing limited testing, it is not known if the platform plans to roll it out more widely.

TikTok is currently testing a number of new changes to its platform, as it was recently revealed that it is investing more in HTML5 games.

It is also developing a LIVE mobile live game feature that allows content creators to better engage fans while broadcasting.

The platform has also started testing the dislike button in order to allow users to select irrelevant or inappropriate comments.

Once a user hits the dislike button on a comment, the comment will no longer be public. Commenters will also not be notified that their comment has been rejected.

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