OSOM OV1: Android inventor tries to break into the market with a very strange feature!


 OV1, after they announced a new company.

When Essential first appeared in 2017, it seemed to have a lot to achieve, and many followers expected that the company would compete with leading companies in the smartphone industry, including Apple, Google and Samsung, this is of course because the company was founded by Andy Rubin, who is one of the The creators of the Android system that Google later bought.

Unfortunately, none of this happened, and soon the name of the company disappeared from sight after its only phone Essential’s PH-1, which did not achieve sales at the required level and was not able to break into the smartphone market for many reasons, the most important of which was the New York Times report, which referred to accusations of misconduct. Sexual conduct against Robin which is the reason he is said to have left Google.

Do you know?

Although it was unsuccessful, Essential’s PH-1 made a real revolution in the design language of smartphones, as it was the first phone that came with the idea of ​​”notch” or screen space, which has continued with us until today!

Essential's PH-1

A second attempt to control the smartphone market with the “OSOM OV1” phone

Exactly in 2020, former employees of Essential formed a new company called “OSOM Products” – pronounced “Awesome” – and promised more privacy and security -focused products to protect users from for-profit app policies. Then it turned out that the company is working on its first smartphone, which it calls “OV1”, which is the next phone from OSOM, with powerful specifications, in a second attempt by the founders of Essential to control the smartphone market.

Many details related to this device have appeared, and Osom Privacy had published some teasers for its upcoming smartphone OV1 on Twitter. It came with many confirmed specifications, including the exterior design, camera, colors and some features that the company is trying to protect the privacy of users to confirm that it is working to develop a secure smartphone It places great emphasis on privacy.

So, the selling point of the new OSOM OV1 phone is to keep users’ privacy and security very high, and OSOM promised that the new phone system, which will be almost the same as the previous Essential Phone, will give users more options to control what users’ data is shared with apps installed. This will give users a great insight into what apps and games are doing on the device and will put the user in better control of their own data.

A feature we hear about for the first time

Also, to ensure more security on its new device and in a strange move, the company revealed a USB-C cable that features a built-in switch that allows users to switch between charging mode and data transfer mode. The cable will be available separately and can also be used with other smartphonescustom cable

Perhaps the first question that came to your mind is what is the addition offered by that company? We are already able to switch between the charging mode and file transfer from the device settings on most smartphones, but this feature of the built-in switch with the cable will be more efficient in protecting the user because it is mechanical and cannot be affected by any software unlike the settings associated with the Android system itself, which cannot be trusted in case of any malicious programs.

Design, Camera, Gear

The company also highlighted the design of the upcoming OSOM OV1 phone, noting that the device will come with a Gorilla Glass Victus protection layer on the face, a ceramic back and a stainless steel frame. The phone will have a dual rear camera of 48 megapixels and 12 megapixels, while the front camera will be 16 megapixels. The company said it has learned from the Essential’s camera errors and that it wants the OV1 to have a groundbreaking camera experience. But given how important the operating system is to the phone’s photographic experience, it’s hard to say how these cameras’ specs translate into photo shots at this point.

The OSOM OV1 will also be significantly larger than the previous Essential phone that came with a 5.7-inch screen. The company also says that the phone will come in white and matte black, but there are some surprises coming in terms of colors. Osom has not mentioned the price of its new phone yet, but according to the statements of the company’s founder and CEO, Jason Keats, the cost of the device will not exceed $ 1,000.

Regarding the rest of the specifications, the company had recently confirmed on Twitter that its new OSOM OV1 phone will come with a Snapdragon 8+ chip , which is the latest Qualcomm processor. In the same post on Twitter, the company mentioned that the device will support dual SIM cards with support for Ultra Wide Band Integration which is the technology known as UWB, the same that other manufacturers such as Apple, Google and Samsung use for many purposes such as accurate GPS tracking and key applications. But OSOM hasn’t revealed the purpose of this type of radio yet, saying only that it has some “exciting stuff coming up” which it will announce later.

Regarding the device’s battery, the company has not indicated exact details about it but said that the OV1 will be able to withstand all-day use with regular use. Charging speed was also not mentioned and Jason Keats only noted that the OV1’s charging would be impressively fast, although the device won’t come with a charger in the box. Finally, the company confirmed that it has postponed the launch period from summer 2022 to the last quarter of 2022.

Conclusion .. Should I wait for the OSOM OV1 phone?

In this price category, which seems exorbitant, we do not think that the founder of Android will be able to sweep with his new product, but as he was able to open new horizons in the world of the smart phone industry previously, it is possible to see other new technologies in this phone, and if it is as revolutionary as its predecessor, it will Other companies are definitely adopting it. We just have to wait and see what the founders of Essential phone have to offer this time around!

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