How to Add a Website to Yahoo and Google News


If you want to get a lot of traffic, you should make friends with search engines like Google and Yahoo. Adding your blog or website to Yahoo News is one of the best ways to increase the number of visitors to it.

If you want to see content from a news site included in Yahoo! News search results, fill out the News Source Submission Form.

Using this form ensures that the Yahoo! News Editorial Team receives all of the information needed to review your submission suggestion.

After that, your website or blog will be considered for inclusion in the Yahoo index. Yahoo’s decision is based on internal quality and editorial standards.

There are some websites that receive more than 10,000 web visitors per day from Yahoo News, making it an excellent choice for all webmasters with news websites.

It is very simple to add your website or blog to Yahoo News; all you have to do is fill out a form with some basic information.

How to Submit Your Website to Google News
I thought this was a novel topic that some webmasters had been considering. A Digitalpoint thread delves into the process of submitting your blog/website to Google News for spidering.

Note: Makes a few good pointers if you’re thinking about adding your site, such as “url structure has 5 digits, you have 5 authors with profiles, and you have 3 editors with profiles.”


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