Hackers group GoodWill, feeds ‘poor kids’ with KFC or Pizza via its victims.


GoodWill, a ransomware gang, is one of the newest in town, but it has its own peculiarity in that it urges victims to feed “poor kids,” especially KFC chicken or pizza from Dominos or Pizza Hut, among other good deeds.

It is worth noting that ransomware groups typically ask for hefty amounts of money, which, in most cases, are million-dollar worth of cryptocurrencies.

Ransomware Gang Demands: KFC, Pizza Donations

According to MalwareBytes, the GoodWill lays out at least three “activities” before the files get back to their rightful owners.

The first task involves donating new blankets and clothes to folks living on the streets. The whole activity needs to be documented in video and post it on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram stories.

After which, the attackers ask victims to feed at least 5 “poor children under 13 years” with Dominos, Pizza Hut, or KFC.

New Ransomware Gang GoodWill Feeds ‘Poor Kids’ with KFC or Pizza Through its Victims

Popular Demands from Ransomware Gangs

But these hacking gangs have recently become a bit more populist.

For example, the hacker gang known as LAPSU$ previously attacked NVIDIA and stole around one terabyte of private information and source codes.

Surprisingly, the ransomware gang asked that the Lite Hash Rate mining limiters on its RTX 3000 series be removed.

This time, a new band, appropriately named GoodWill, is attempting to be the modern-day Robin Hood.

Ransomware Gang GoodWill

According to a recent report by PC Gamer, one of the latest hacking gangs, GoodWill, appears to be based in Mumbai, India.

Despite the fact that GoodWill’s strategy differs significantly from those of its competitors, it still entails entering the victims’ systems in order to steal or encrypt their information.

The whole hacking process begins with malware infecting the victims’ PCs and gaining access to their files.

Once GoodWill has gained access to the system, they begin encrypting the files, rendering them inaccessible to the victims unless they can decode them quickly.

After then, the hackers will want something in exchange from the unfortunate victim, essentially a ransom, in order to recover their encrypted files.

All of these actions are typical of today’s ransomware gangs. GoodWill, on the other hand, differs from other hacking organizations in terms of its expectations.


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