CPA Marketing Profit Guide (From 0 to First $1000)


Here you will learn about cpa marketing in different ways and many tricks you need to know about this filed.

There are many, many ways to profit from the Internet, and they differ according to the difficulty, return, and skills you need. In this course, we will review and explain CPA marketing the profit from CPA, which is one of the most profitable areas in the world of e-marketing and profit from the Internet.

CPA marketing is a type of marketing that falls under the umbrella of affiliate marketing, and it is very popular and used abroad, especially in America, Canada, Australia and Europe, and its profits can reach thousands and tens of thousands of dollars per day.

We were very interested in the winners to prepare this course, because the content in this field is very scarce and does not fulfill its right, and in most cases it does not help beginners to enter the field and start profiting from it.

This course was a summary of hundreds of articles and explanations, and dozens of books and reliable sources, all of this has been developed in a short and condensed way so that you can understand the field and enter it even if you have not heard of it before.

Note: You are now on the main page of the course, and at the end of the page you will find links to all the five lessons that make up the course.

This course is for you if you:

  • An online marketer who wants to use what you know to increase and multiply your profits by starting in the CPA field.
  • If you have some information about the field of CPA, but don’t know where to start.
  • You want to start earning from the Internet, and you explore the different ways to do so.
  • An e-commerce or app owner, and you want to learn about an area of ​​CPA to use to achieve your marketing goals.
  • You are curious to learn about the field of CPA – cpa marketing.

What is a CPA marketing?

To understand what CPA is, we must first know the meaning of affiliate marketing , which is a branch of e-marketing that is done by providing marketing services in exchange for a commission according to the agreement.

Perhaps the most famous model of affiliate marketing is the one that takes place between marketers and advertisers who own online stores, where the marketer takes a commission or a percentage of the profits on sales made through him according to a prior agreement with this advertiser.

This idea is not new at all; It existed centuries before the Internet, and it is based on the principle of mutual benefit between merchants or business owners on the one hand, and marketers on the other.

Where business owners get big profits in return for giving a small part of it to the person who is marketing their products.

Profiting from CPA is not much different from this, as it is not necessarily based on the sale, but rather on the action, you as a marketer are trying to get a certain action that serves the marketing objectives of the advertiser.

The word CPA is an abbreviation for Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition, meaning the cost of the act or the cost of acquisition, and this intended action can be:

  • Entering the customer’s e-mail, phone number, or Zip Code.
  • Download a program, game, tool, or add-on to the browser.
  • Register in a site, forum or newsletter.
  • Fill out a questionnaire or answer questions of interest to the advertiser.
  • Make a call to the advertiser’s business.

The e-marketer’s commission is calculated after the customer or visitor does the agreed act, and the value of this commission may range from a few dollars to $1,000 per act. Yes, dear reader, $1,000 for one act or customer.

The beginning of the field of profit from CPA on the Internet was in the nineties with the Internet revolution in developed countries such as: the United States, Canada and some European countries, but then it spread to almost all countries of the world.

But despite that, this market is still unknown to us, and there are few who know about this field and even fewer even work in it, although it is a very promising and profitable field.

That is why we made sure to prepare this course, especially with the experience we have in this field, to help more marketers start earning from CPA.

Back to the affiliate, from my point of view that CPA marketing is much easier than the traditional affiliate, as you as a marketer may get profit without paying the customer to buy something or order something, but you have to convince him to do what might be a click or register on a site as we have already talked about.

Also, the profit from the CPA far exceeds the profit from the affiliate, as we said, the commission on a single action may reach $ 1000, regardless of this, the average value of the commission in general is much higher than the average commission of a traditional affiliate.

How CPA Marketing Works –

CPA marketing. The field of CPA has three main pillars, which you need to understand well in order to know how the process of earning from CPA works:

First: Advertisers

Advertisers are the business or online store owners who place CPA offers; and they agree with the CPA companies on the nature of the offers and their commission.

Advertisers do not deal directly with publishers, but rather authorize the companies to do this.

Advertisers turn to publishers because they want to achieve their marketing goals without taking on the marketing and promotion of their own business. Besides, the CPA business model is performance-based. So ,they only pay a cent if they get what they want in return.

To approximate the advertiser’s point of view, imagine with me that you are the owner of an online store that sells specialized software in the fields of architecture, and the average value of one program is about $60 and you sell them for $100, and you want to increase your sales, so you resort to CPA marketing.

You agreed with a CPA company on a commission of $15 for each sale that comes from their side, and after making the agreement, your sales increased very dramatically, and therefore your profits increased, because you earn $25 from each sale and give the company and the publisher another $15 as commission.

This is an example just to clarify, because as we said, the action you want as an advertiser could not be related to sales but could be something else.

As we can see, CPA is very convenient with advertisers as they get revenue without worrying about marketing it or how to attract customers, and they only pay if the advertiser succeeds in persuading the customer to do so, so CPA is very effective for advertisers.

Second: CPA Companies or CPA Networks

CPA companies or networks are the intermediary between the advertisers who make the offers and the money, and the publishers who actually market those offers.

The gain of these companies comes from the marketer’s achievement of the marketing objectives and his success in convincing the customer to do the required action, as they receive a percentage of the publishers’ commission.

Therefore, companies are very interested in the efficiency of their registered marketers or publishers because they are their real capital, and they also hire Affiliate Managers or AM Account Managers, to help publishers achieve profits and provide them with effective advice and support.

Third: Publishers

Publishers are e-marketers or affiliate marketers who try to achieve the marketing objectives of the advertisers in return for an agreed upon commission from them.

Publishers have the right to sign up for the CPA companies they want and choose the offers they see fit for them, but the companies also have the right to accept or not join them based on their experience and skill assessment.

Marketers try – according to the marketing tools they know or are available to use according to the offer – to persuade customers to do the agreed-upon action, whether it is downloading an application, registering its data, purchasing an e-book, or others.

In order to be a publisher you have to own a few things, in short:

1. Offer from advertisers

Of course, every CPA marketing process depends on the nature of the offer presented to you, through which you will search for the right customer, and then you will study how to attract and convince him to do what you want, and this will determine the shape of the entire marketing process.

And we will dedicate to you, dear reader, an entire article about CPA offers , and we will talk in detail about the types of offers and how to choose the best offers that are suitable for you.

2. Traffic source

As an online marketer, you have to have a source through which you can bring visitors to your offer or your landing page so that the advertiser gets what he wants and you get your commission.

It is your job as a publisher to determine the right traffic source for you, whether it is from social networking sites, search engine optimization, paid advertising of all kinds, or other traffic sources.

This is definitely to reach your target customers at the lowest possible cost, to get the highest conversion rate and thus more and more profits.

In this course, we will provide you with a complete guide on CPA traffic sources, starting with their different types and forms, and even how to choose the right sources with your offers, and the secrets of exploiting them in order to make huge profits with minimal effort and cost.

3. Ability to create landing pages

Sometimes you will need to design your own landing pages to get your target customers to take action, so you must have the ability to design, host, and run them.

Over time, your ability to create landing pages for your offers will develop, and you will become 100% professional, and then you will convince many customers to complete the offers.

In this course, shortly, we will give you the secrets of successful landing pages with high conversion rates so that you can double your profits from the start.

4. Tools to track and analyze the results of your campaigns

It is very important that you keep track of your advertising campaigns, because it will allow you to evaluate your campaigns, and will enable you to improve them and get better results.

In this course, we will not forget to stop at this important point of tracking and analysis, because it is one of the most important things or tasks in the process of profit from CPA.

Advantages of working in the field of CPA

There are many advantages that the marketer gets from working in the field of CPA, which are:

1. The profit from CPA is too big

Perhaps the field of CPA is one of the most profitable fields of e-marketing and affiliate marketing, there are many people after several months who can make more than 1,000 dollars a day as a net profit from this field, and even experts with more than several years of experience can make tens of thousands of dollars per day.

So more and more people are trying to enter this field every day to take a piece of the CPA profit pie.

Another advantage of the CPA industry or industry is that it is not as popular as other affiliate and e-marketing fields, so the competition is relatively less.

2. Quick results and instant profits

In the field of CPA and in affiliate marketing in general, you can get profits quickly, you will not wait for weeks or months to achieve the desired results, and thus get your profits.

Also, as soon as you convince the customer and achieve the desired action, whatever, you get your commission in full, which will motivate you to produce and achieve more profits.

I should note here that the profits enter your account immediately after the customer completes the action, but every CPA company has a system in the timing of withdrawing your profits, which is usually weekly or monthly.

3. Freedom to choose niches and offers

As a commission marketer, you can choose the niche that suits you without anyone forcing you to do so, and choose the offers that suit you with the specifications that are consistent with your desires and capabilities.

This way, you will not be forced to do anything, and this freedom will push you to be more productive and creative in your work, and thus more profits.

4. Freedom and more free time to enjoy your life

This field does not require you to work at the headquarters of companies and does not impose a specific place on you to work from, so you have complete freedom to work from home or from anywhere, so that you can work while traveling between different cities and countries.

Flexibility in working hours also allows you to manage your life rather than being tied to fixed working hours each day.

5. Having someone help you

CPA companies hire experienced people called AM (Affiliate Manger or Account Manger), and their job is to help and support publishers to achieve the best possible results.

The advantage of this account manager or AM, is that he is responsible for a certain number of publishers, and this ensures that he is very helpful and supportive to them, and this is because his income depends mainly on the results they achieve, he takes a percentage of their commission.

You can benefit from your account manager in several ways, such as:

  • Communicate with him personally to help you and explain what you want.
  • Ask him to make offers available to you that are not available in your country.
  • It will warn you if you’ve made a mistake and alert you to anything you’re doing wrong.

After starting in the field of CPA, you should make sure to maintain a friendly relationship between you and your account manager, because he is able to help you greatly, and gives you invaluable tips, especially if you are a beginner.

It can draw your attention to successful strategies for marketing your offer, or it may alert you to a mistake you are making, or improve your campaigns that bring you a lot of revenue, or other things that are useful to you as a publisher.

How do I start earning from CPA?

The first step: Choosing the appropriate niche

CPA Marketing Profit Guide (From 0 to First $1000) - Niche

The first and most important step to start earning from CPA is to choose the appropriate niche in which you will be marketing, as you, as a marketer, have to be familiar with the niche you choose.

This knowledge or know-how will enable you to understand the thing you are promoting, and know its strengths and distinctions, through which you will be able to promote and market it, convince customers of it, and do the action you want.

Also, this degree of understanding of the niche will allow you to know the customer’s needs, the nature of his personality and the things he takes into account, and thus will make it much easier for you to target and convince him.

Of course, as a CPA marketer, you can choose more than one niche, but in the beginning it is preferable to focus on only one niche, especially since you are still at the beginning of your journey in profit from CPA.

You will find offers for every niche you can think of in the field of CPA, as this world is very wide and diverse, you will find offers in:

  • Mobile applications.
  • Health and Clinical Research.
  • Self-care products and services.
  • Insurances.
  • financing.
  • Electronic games.
  • Lose weight.
  • dating apps.
  • gambling.
  • education.
  • Profit from the Internet.
  • Life improvement.

This is in addition to dozens of other areas.

Be careful when choosing a niche to start with; To choose a profitable niche that has a lot of people interested in it, in order to get the largest possible number of commissions.

It is also preferable to search for keywords through tools such as: Google Keyword planner Tool or Ubersuggest to ensure that there is a large search for keywords referring to this.

We will talk in detail about the process of choosing a niche in the specialized lessons, so don’t worry about it at all right now.

Step Two: Choose the right offer

CPA Marketing Profit Guide (From 0 to First $1000) - CPA

This step is very important and pivotal in your work as a CPA marketer, as your choice of presentation will determine many things, such as: the right traffic source, target customers, target countries, ways to convince customers to take the action we want, … and so on.

You should also take into account the incentives or influences that you are allowed to use in order to attract customers, for example a free book, a free trial period, etc.

And because there are many offers, you can choose between them as you like, whether through many variables such as price, category, required action, payment model, or any variable you like.

Note: In earning from CPA there are many Payment Methods, such as:

  • Pay-Per-Sale.
  • Pay-Per-Lead.
  • Pay-Per-Install.
  • Pay-Per-Call.
  • Revenue Share.
  • Pay-Per-Click .

We will talk about it in detail in the CPA Presentation Lesson.

Third Step: Choose a CPA Company or CPA Network

This step is somewhat controversial, as some experts advise choosing CPA companies first, and some advise choosing the appropriate offers first from offer aggregators (specialized sites that offer thousands of offers from different companies), and then subscribing to the companies that offer them, but in general I will leave this choice to you As you see.

CPA companies, as we said before, are the mediator between advertisers and publishers, and they take their profits from the commissions paid by advertisers, and therefore it is in their interest that the affiliate marketers are skilled in what they do.

For this reason, the majority of CPA companies develop acceptance forms for marketers, to decide whether or not to join them based on their assessment of their level, experience and skills.

So, as a beginner in the field, you will strive a little to be accepted in a CPA company, but do not worry about this. In our lesson dedicated to this topic, we will give you a number of useful tips not only to be accepted, but to be accepted immediately.

You can also join the CPA companies that do not require acceptance and we will also mention them later, so dear reader and future CPA marketer, do not worry about this now.

But there is another thing that you should keep in mind, and that is to review the comments and reviews on the company of your choice to ensure its credibility and reliability.

In general, we will provide you with a complete lesson on CPA Networks, how to apply in them, application secrets that will ensure your acceptance, in addition to recommending the best CPA Networks for you.

Step Four: Analyze customers and find appropriate ways to attract and convince them

After choosing the right offer, the next step will be to work on understanding the target customer, knowing his activity on the Internet, and finding the best ways to attract him and convince him of what you want.

You may need to design a Buyer Persona , and then choose the best source of traffic, as you will usually choose between:

  • Advertising on search engines .
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization .
  • Marketing through social media .
  • Display Ads.
  • PPV Advertising .
  • Implicit Ads Native Ads .
  • Marketing using email campaigns .

We will discuss traffic sources in a separate lesson, compare them, and show you how to choose the right traffic source for your presentation.

Step Five: Analyze and track your marketing campaigns and continuously improve


Now you have launched your advertising campaigns, and you have to wait and watch for the results of the campaign and its performance, through many tools and programs you will be able to monitor your campaigns in detail.

You’ll discover which ones worked, which worked, and which ones didn’t, to re-improve those campaigns and make them get better results.

If the field of CPA was a war, analysis, tracking and testing would be your weapons, and this is of their utmost importance, the most important difference between a marketer who earns a thousand dollars a day and a marketer who earns 50 dollars a day from the same offer is the extent of interest and mastery of these matters.

There is an important article published on the winners that you should read carefully, which is: The article on tracking in advertising campaigns (all the information and tools you need) .

After tracking your advertising campaigns, and getting all the data you need, you will have to analyze the data according to your marketing objectives and the actions required in your offers.

Then after that you will optimize, repeat the process again – tracking and analysis – to make sure you get better results as well as doing other improvements to get better and better results.

Improvement is a constant task for the CPA marketer to ensure that he gets the largest possible profit from the offers he is marketing for.

Experience is the best thing any marketer does to make his decision, whether experimenting with the way and methods of marketing and traffic he uses, or even experimenting with offers to choose the best among them.

Let’s take a landing page as an example. To get a high-quality landing page that has a high conversion rate, you need to design it to contain five things:

  1. Hook: This is often the design and structure of the landing page, the images and media used in it, as well as the type and sizes of fonts.
  2. Summary of the offer: It is a simple summary of the offer through which the visitor can quickly understand the offer.
  3. The reason the visitor should be interested in the offer: You have to answer the visitor’s “Why” question to motivate him to continue and complete the offer.
  4. The benefit of the offer or its completion, and how it will change their lives for the better: you will definitely give them a glimpse of what they will benefit from behind this offer to convince them to complete the offer.
  5. Call to Action : This is your way of telling the visitor what he is going to do.

Certainly, it will be difficult for any marketer, no matter how extensive his experience is, to reach the best forms of these five elements. So, the professionals among them try many and continuously improve them. Until they reach the best display page, which brings them the greatest results and profits.

This is often done through A/B testing and continuous improvement of landing pages, tracking and analyzing the results of those landing pages and improving them over and over again.

Now my friend, do not be lazy and go to the first lesson of profit from CPA, which will make you go deeper.

For more information read about earning online.


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