Top 10 Free Android App Development Tools


Mobile application development is a profitable professional field that is constantly in demand due to the constant need for new applications, and with the emergence of open source mobile application development tools, the task of developing interactive applications has become simple and does not require much effort, even people who do not have much technological experience are now Able to use free, open source tools for mobile application development.


Free open source apps for Android app development

Open source mobile applications are applications whose source code is available to third party developers who can view, modify and add some specific features by changing the source code. Open source applications work on many operating systems such as Android, Windows, Linux, and IOS.

Below we are listing the best free mobile app development software for you which can help you design an Android mobile app with ease.


PhoneGap is an open source mobile application development software through which users can design their own applications using languages ​​like JavaScript,  CSS etc. By using the free mobile application development program PhoneGap you will be able to incorporate changes at any stage of application development and also preview them PhoneGap is compatible with different operating systems and works well on mobile devices and desktop computers, and this application allows you to use a third-party tool developed by the PhoneGap community to test and debug your code.

Buildfire Program

This software is one of the best software for android app development even if you have no programming experience, it helps in developing online android apps for various fields like e-commerce, educational apps, events, podcasts, and much more, using Buildfire dashboard you will be able to monitor changes that Built directly on your app and adding features to it, the open source application development software Buildfire offers several plug-ins that you can use to enhance the functionality of your app. This software can be used to develop applications for Android and IOS devices.


NativeScript is one of the top rated open source mobile app development software that supports the creation of apps for Android and IOS devices. This program has direct access to all the APIs of the major native systems using JavaScript, TypeScript or Angular , providing superior native-like experiences on the web, Android, and IOS NativeScript has a wide range of plug-ins and templates for faster application development It also competes strongly with frameworks such as Ionic, React Native, and Flutter.

Flutter program

With Flutter Android application development software created by Google, you will be able to develop an Android application that works on the Internet, which makes Flutter one of the best programs for Android application development is that you can create applications compatible with mobile devices, and desktop using a single software base.

Flutter for Android application development provides customizable tools to quickly create an application interface, through which you can design an application for both Android and IOS devices, and video lessons are available on the Google browser to help you at every stage of application development on Flutter, and you can use the program community that It provides you with information that makes the journey of creating an application even easier.

Velgo program

The open source mobile application development software Felgo can be used to create applications compatible with Android, Windows, Linux, and IOS systems. The free application development program Felgo is also a useful platform for creating 3D games. The program’s user-friendly interface allows you to design flexible applications with Lots of Features Felgo can be used through your web browser without having to install it as a desktop program, with Felgo you will be able to create, publish, and distribute applications through the cloud, this program helps find errors in code quickly allowing the possibility of Programming an application is very fast, and we must point out that Velgo is very suitable for beginners.

Appcelerator platform

The Appcelerator platform supports the seamless creation of mobile applications by utilizing code reuse, one of the free open source Android application development tools that helps you create applications compatible with multiple operating systems using JavaScript, is the number one solution for mobile development Cross-platform, which is used by more than 250,000 mobile developers , and 35,000 applications.

Mobincube program

You can develop an Android application online for free using Mobincube which has an intuitive and interactive interface, with it you can develop different types of applications such as business, educational, health, games, etc. easily through the drag and drop interface, using the highly customization option Level In Mobincube you will be able to design the appearance of your application yourself, or by using pre-made templates, this program provides you with the possibility of downloading your applications by users an unlimited number of times once it is published on the application stores, and the program also helps you to monetize by placing ads in your applications The one I designed, Mobincube is free to use, but the premium version starts at $263 per month, and the premium version offers monetization options.


Ionic is also one of the most important open source mobile application development software, Ionic is designed to help you create applications that run on many operating systems such as Windows, Android, and IOS using a single code base, the free version of the program is suitable for creating interactive applications across operating systems Basic, with this software you will be able to design apps faster, and also test them at a faster pace The Ionic library includes over 100 plugins for building apps with different functionality, offers customized support, and unique solutions tailored to each user.


Developed by Microsoft, Xamarin offers a powerful testing mechanism that instantly corrects code errors in mobile applications. This program helps you create powerful mobile applications for IOS and Android using the .NET and C# programming languages, and through the use of application development software With the free Xamarin, you will be able to take advantage of Microsoft services and components. This program offers a set of online tutorials for beginners to help them get to know its interface, and how to work on it. You can also benefit from support and resources for developing applications from the Xamarin developer community who will not spare you any information you lack. .

Qt program

QT is an online Android app builder that you can use to program interactive mobile apps that run smoothly on all devices, and different operating systems. The open source mobile app builder QT provides a design studio through which designs can be imported from Photoshop. It also provides a wide range of useful libraries. To develop mobile applications running on core operating systems, and gives you a powerful tool for managing applications by adding new utilities and extensions whenever you like.

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