The Tik Tok platform launches a Twitch-style subscription service with the next beta version


Tik Tok has announced a new service that allows viewers to pay to subscribe to a live broadcast of any user they want to support. The service is called TikTok Live, and it gives fans access to functions such as subscriber-only chat, creator-specific emoticons, and badges that distinguish them from non-subscribers.

The service will be launched in beta on Thursday, May 26, according to a video posted to the TikTok Live Creator page.

This page has also posted videos from several creators declaring that they are part of the service and announcing the potential benefits to their followers. And while the stickers for live chats and the opportunity to participate in subscriber-only chats are probably the biggest draw for viewers, a few creators have noticed that they are also excited about a predictable monthly income, as TikTok’s explainer video demonstrates.

Making money directly from TikTok was a bit tricky, but it wasn’t until earlier this month when the company announced that it would start sharing a portion of ad revenue with eligible content creators.


3 days to go! Join @shaarichie to learn about LIVE subscription. #LIVESubs #TikTokLIVE

♬ original sound – TikTok LIVE Creator – TikTok LIVE Creator

Live streamers who were part of the Creator Program can also receive gifts or gratuities from viewers, which take the form of in-app currency that can be exchanged for real money. And with subscriptions, it should be relatively simple, as viewers are billed each month, and that money goes to the broadcaster.

This service is similar to Twitch, which has a very similar subscription program. According to TechCrunch, TikTok Live subscriptions will be priced similar to Twitch packages, which start at $4.99 a month (though there are tiers up to $24.99 a month).

As stated, you must be 18 or over to view or purchase a paid subscription, and creators can only submit subscriptions if they have at least 1,000 followers.


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