A magical Google tool for Meet users that solves webcam problems in video calls


Google announced during its developer conference this week , Google I/O 2022 , a new feature for users of the meeting and video call application Google Meet, a feature that would solve the problem of poor webcam quality in video calls, based on artificial intelligence techniques AI and machine learning ML , which means that the user will not need to buy an external webcam or upgrade their computer to get a better experience while making video calls. 

Google said that the new feature that it will provide to users of its conference calling service, Google Meet, is inspired by the Project Starline project that it revealed last year, which aims to completely change the video calling experience so that the user makes calls with another person as if with him in the same room. 

User will not need more than one click to improve image quality in Google Meet calls

And through the portrait restore feature with one click, the user can improve the quality of the image and make it bright, when making calls via Google Meet, and Google also said that it will provide a tool to improve the sound during video calls via Meet, by removing the echo automatically when making The call is from a closed place in the house. 

Google is testing the portrait light feature, which allows Google Mate users to also apply a different studio-quality lighting effect, so that the user can adjust the position of lighting and brightness according to what suits him, so that the user can make video calls when in a dark room or when he is sitting in front of the window, and Google said it It continues to test the feature and take advantage of the Monk Scale to ensure that the user appears with his true skin color in calls, which is the same technology that provides the Real Tone feature in Pixel phones, including the new Pixel 6A , which it also announced during its developer conference for this year 2022.

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