Google Translate supports 24 new languages ​​and achieves a new achievement


During the keynote speech at its Google I/O 2022 developer conference, Google announced that its Google Translate service will support 24 new languages, bringing the total number of languages ​​supported by the Google Translate service to 133 different languages ​​used in various places around the world. The service is supported by an affirmation of Google’s interest in languages ​​spoken by a limited number of people around the world, such as the Mizo language, which is spoken by about 800,000 people in the far north-east of India.

Google said that the languages ​​newly added to its Google Translate service are spoken by 300 million people around the world, including the Meso or Mizo language in India and the Lingala language spoken by more than 45 million people in Central Africa, in addition to indigenous languages ​​in the Americas such as Quechua and Guarani and Aymara, along with languages ​​such as Sierra Leonean Creole, Creo or Creole, a language derived from English spoken by the people in Sierra Leone, and one of the rare languages ​​that Google has added support for is Sanskrit, which is spoken by only about 20,000 people in India. 

Google relied on machine learning models of the language itself only to support translation

And Google succeeded, by adding support for new languages ​​in its Google Translate service, to achieve what it said was a new achievement, as it is the first languages ​​that it added based on machine translation, as the ML machine learning model can only be done through mono-language text, that is, the machine learning model It learns to translate from this language to another without having to process any example or examples of it at all, a technology that she said is not perfect yet and that she will continue to improve these models to provide the same experience that users are accustomed to when translating to more popular languages ​​such as Spanish or German.

The latest version of the Google Translate application can be downloaded for free for Android users via the Google Play Store, and the latest version of the application for iPhone users can be downloaded for free through the Apple App Store. 

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