iPhone 14 will offer a better selfie camera that supports auto focus


Apple plans to enhance the experience of users in taking selfies and making video calls via FaceTime and other video meeting applications , by providing the next generation of its iPhone 14 phones with a better front camera with a wider aperture and autofocus feature, according to the latest reports from the analyst. Ming Shi Kuo is a reliable source for his news about Apple and its products. 

Unlike iPhone 13 phones equipped with a front selfie camera that supports fixed focus only, the front camera in iPhone 14 will provide auto focus support, giving the user better pictures when approaching or away from the camera, in addition to a better experience while making video calls, provided that the camera is With a wider f/1.9 lens slot compared to f/2.2 in iPhone 13, which means that the camera will be able to provide better pictures in low light, in addition to providing better portrait photos and clearer video calls in different lighting conditions. 

iPhone users will get a full screen phone in 2024


It is expected that Apple will launch during the third quarter of this year 2022 about 4 new phones from the iPhone 14 series, which is the series in which Apple is expected to officially dispense with the notch that it presented in the iPhone X, provided that the front camera and face print technologies are in an oval hole. Inside the same screen, and the series will provide two phones with a screen of the same size, namely iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, provided that both iPhone 14 Max and 14 Pro Max carry a larger screen, while dispensing with the version with a smaller screen such as the iPhone 13 Mini .

Although Android smartphone manufacturers such as Oppo and others provide selfie cameras that provide a distinctive experience, most of these companies rely on fixed-focus selfie cameras, with the exception of Samsung, which provides a selfie camera that supports the AF feature in the Galaxy S22. 

And it seems that iPhone users have to wait until 2024 to get a full-screen version, as Kuo expects Apple to launch a full-screen iPhone during 2024, i.e. iPhone 16, a phone in which the front camera and FaceID technologies will come at the bottom of the screen itself, where there are still challenges until Now about the performance of the cameras under the screen in low light, and Apple is known to take longer to adopt new technologies. 

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