Google Wallet: Features and how does the Google Wallet app work?


Google officially announced the re-launch of the Google Wallet application to save payment cards, gift cards, and others, during the keynote speech at its annual Google I/O 2022 developer conference . Google previously provided a separate application for the wallet and then integrated it into its payment service Google Pay, but Google She says that consumers and businesses are now more willing to rely on digital cards, which is why she has launched the wallet app once again.

What is a digital wallet? How it works ? 

The digital wallet replaces the physical wallet for cash and cards, as it is available as an application that can keep digital copies of the physical items that everyone carries in their physical wallet, including bank cards, mobility cards, tickets, and even a vaccination certificate, etc., which means that a smartphone can be relied upon as an alternative About the wallet, but with wider options by taking advantage of integration with other services and applications, in addition to the fact that the digital wallet is more secure thanks to the means of securing the phone, including fingerprint and others, in addition to linking the wallet with the user account and the ability to easily delete data or close the phone through the feature Find My Phone When It‘s Lost .

What are the advantages of Google Wallet Google Wallet?

In addition to the expected features of a digital wallet such as Google Wallet, similar to saving bank payment cards, Google announced many other features and presented many examples of the use of the wallet, most notably: 

  • Google Wallet allows users to save bank debit and credit cards, as well as student ID cards, commuting cards (bundled commuting tickets), vaccination certificates, boarding passes, and more. 
  • The ability to view the balance of the navigation cards directly through the Google Maps application. 
  • If the user saves the boarding pass for their next flight in Google Wallet, Google will automatically alert the user if any changes occur regarding the flight, including delays, gate, etc. 
  • The Google Wallet application allows you to save concert tickets, with a pre-alert to the user via the phone to remind him of the time and place of the concerts whose tickets he saved. 
  • Integration with other Google applications such as Google Maps and others. 
  • The user can control the integration options between Google Wallet and other applications. 
  • Google ensures that personal information on the vaccination certificate is kept on the phone or device itself, and that it is never shared without the user’s permission with any third party or with Google itself. 
  • If the user loses their bank card and is waiting for a replacement card, they can use the same card with Google Wallet using the virtual number attached to it. 
  • Pay with cards stored in Google Wallet in stores that accept payments via Google Play Pay. 
  • If a user takes a screenshot of their boarding pass or vaccination pass on an Android phone, Google will provide a suggestion to add the pass to Google Wallet. 

Google is collaborating with hundreds of partners to support the Wallet app

Google said that it has already entered into partnerships with hundreds of transportation agencies, retailers, ticket providers, health authorities and airlines, so that they can create digital versions of their cards or tickets to Google Wallet directly, so that the card or ticket can be added directly to the wallet, with the possibility of having an option Within the various partner sites and applications to add the ticket or card directly to Google Wallet, it also said that it will provide later saving identity cards such as a driver’s license, in addition to supporting the addition of office, hotel or car keys. 


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