Best App Store Apps you need


The App Store hides a lot of distinctive applications that add additional features to iPhone and iPad phones.

This is due to the number of applications available through the store, as the store contains millions of applications. Also, there are so many new apps coming out on a daily basis that it becomes difficult to keep track of them all. 

This list includes a group of distinctive applications that we found in the App Store that you may not know before. 

Keyword Search App

This application raises the efficiency of the search engine in your phone, specifically the Safari browser, as it depends on an extension that is installed for the browser.

And this extension makes you able to search all the search engines of all the sites together.

This means that you can use it to search directly in the Amazon store for a specific product or search any site that has a search engine in it, instead of going to that site and opening it and then searching inside it manually.

Double Take

This application allows you to directly use two of your phone’s lenses together, so that you can take a picture with more than one angle or more than one focal length together.

You can also use it to take a photo with the front and rear lens at the same time.

This app supports iPhones newer than XR, and the app gives you a wide range of options in merging photos together.

Plays app 

This application is very easy to use, with it you can write a short sentence of 140 characters.

Then you move this sentence and add effects to it as you wish, and the application does not allow you to move the sentence as you want on the screen, as it provides you with a set of previous effects and you have to choose from them only.

The app produces images that work well with the Instagram platform, as the images are all square with the appropriate dimensions for the platform.

The Wallpaper app

This application allows you to modify the background images as you wish to make them suitable for you instead of providing you with a set of ready-made images.

The application produces a random set of images based on geometric patterns, and then you adjust these patterns by moving the screen left or right.

You can also adjust the image brightness and color levels as you wish, and the application can produce the image in the appropriate size for your phone or smart watch.

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