The 11 best Windows 11 software app for 2022

Last year, Microsoft launched Windows 11 as the latest version of the much-loved operating system spread around the world.

And the company relied on developing the integrated ecosystem of its devices and services with Windows 11 better. Thus, it has developed a lot of services available to the system, such as the App Store and the ability to download Android applications through it.

Below, we present to you a set of distinctive and diverse applications found in the Microsoft App Store that can improve the use of Windows 11.

Some of these apps are free and some are paid, but the Microsoft Store offers country-specific pricing so you’ll find apps at a discount in your country than in other countries.

EarTrumpet app

Some see that the sound control panel in Windows 11 is weak and does not provide them with many options, and Eartrumpet solves this problem.

The application provides an advanced set of different options that help control the volume of applications running in the background of the system.

You can also control the audio capture and output devices for each application separately. This means making external speakers work with one app and your headphones working with another.

You can download and use the application directly through the control panel next to the watch, and the application is also available for free through the store. 

Tweeten app

Twitter generally doesn’t have a separate official app for Windows, so fans of the platform need to head over to its site directly.

The popular TweetDeck application is also not available for Windows, and Tweeten offers a solution to this problem as it provides the Tweetdeck interface but more appropriately for Windows 11.

And you can completely customize the use of the application in Windows 11 to suit your use more by controlling alerts and other things.

The application is also available for free download via the Microsoft App Store directly without the need to use any external installation.

Feedlab App

Windows 11 has a wide range of news-gathering applications that rely on RSS technology, but Feedlab has the advantage of being one of the most customizable and able to manage newscasts.

The app also gets a lot of constant updates so you don’t have to worry about support stopping or disappearing right from the store.

The app is available for free download and use from the Windows App Store , but there are plenty of ads to support it.

You can remove these ads via app support with just a small one-time payment and the ads are completely removed from your account.


These tools are officially developed by Microsoft to provide plenty of customization options and settings for professional users.

It adds a lot of different features to the system that combines it similar to macOS at times, and there are other tools that are more professional.

You can download the tools for free directly from the Microsoft Store and use them with your computer, but you shouldn’t mess with them if you don’t have the necessary experience.


Lots of users need a convenient app to take, record and share notes between their different devices.

Onenote offers you this feature well and is very practical, as you can share notes between your phone, desktop and laptop easily and for free through the application.

The application also supports writing notes using the pen for tablets, so it is suitable for students and those who use notes periodically.

You can download and use the application for free via the Microsoft App Store , and the application is also available for all different operating systems.

Adobe Photoshop Express app

Photoshop is one of the most important computer applications when it comes to photo editing and optimization, and it offers a lot of important features for professionals.

The company provides a free version of the app that is available to download directly from the Microsoft Store , which of course does not offer all the features in the full version.

ShareX app

Windows 11 has a built-in tool for taking screenshots, but like all built-in tools, it’s weak in terms of capabilities.

And the ShareX application can replace this tool and add a lot of various and different features that provide the user with many possibilities to modify the captured images.

The app can also take screen videos or a gif if you wish, and it also provides a straightforward image editing tool within it.

You can download and use the application via the Microsoft App Store for free .

Quicklook app

The application allows you to browse various files, images, and videos directly within the file browser without having to open them.

This feature is considered one of the most important features of macOS that many users prefer in the system.

The application works easily by pressing the space button on the keyboard, and you can open files in the usual way.

You can also download the app for free from the Microsoft App Store. 

Start11 app

This application allows you to customize and modify the Start Menu in Windows 11 and change its design as you wish, and it comes from the famous Stardock company.

You can use the app to modify the location of the Start bar if you use more than one screen at once or want to restore the old bar design.

You can download and use this app on the company’s website for $6.

Dolby Atmos for headphones

If you are one of those who are interested in the audio experience in Windows 11, this application greatly improves the audio experience of the system.

The application activates the Dolby Atmos surround sound feature through the headphones that support it to get the best audio experience.

And if you buy the app through the Microsoft Store for Windows apps, you also get it on your Xbox.

The app is available for download via the Microsoft App Store for about $15 , and you can try it for free for 30 days.

VLC app to play videos

This player is one of the most popular video playback applications available for all platforms and systems, and the application can play all audio and video files.

It also has a powerful translation engine to run and search across different translation sites around the world from all languages.

These features make it one of the most powerful video player apps in Windows 11 and a must-have on any home or laptop computer.

You can download the application for free through its own website or through the Microsoft Store if you prefer.

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