A famed game was hacked by North Korean hackers, making profits exceeding half a billion dollars


North Korean hackers made more than $600 million in unlawful profits in one hit!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has convicted a group of hackers who call themselves “Lazarus” for hacking an electronic game called “Axie Infinity,” a game that allows players to earn cryptocurrencies.

The attack was carried out by hacking a network that allows users to send cryptocurrencies from one blockchain to another. And the US Treasury imposed sanctions on the “Lazarus” group, a well-known group of hackers believed to be working for the North Korean government to finance its activities.

Cyber attacks have been a very important source of revenue for the North Korean regime for years, and leader Kim Jong Un has continued to pursue nuclear weapons, according to the United Nations panel and experts in the field of cybersecurity. An example of this.. Surely you have heard about the ballistic missile that was launched for the first time four years ago by North Korea.

For the Lazarus Group, they have a history of stealing cryptocurrency over the past years and their illicit profits are estimated to be around $1.75 billion based on a report from Chainalysis, a company that tracks cryptocurrency transactions. These notifications end that the attack is from North Korea.


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