TikTok’s new ad product turns top performing videos into ads


TikTok's new ad product turns top-performing videos into ads

The video-sharing giant recently announced the launch of Branded Mission, the latest ad product for TikTok that allows brands to collaborate with creators to co-create branded content with ease.

TikTok's latest advertising product is limited to TikTok users 18 years of age and over.

TikTok's Branded Mission – A Deeper Look

According to TikTok Ad , Branded Mission is the industry's first advertising solution that enables advertisers to collect authentic content from TikTok creators, convert high-performance videos into ads, and improve brand affinity with media exposure.

As such, Branded Mission operates as a two-way engagement between brands and creators that allows members of the TikTok community to participate creatively in ads that are part of the brand's crusade and helps brands discover other creators on the TikTok video sharing platform.

The best performing videos on TikTok can be converted into ads thanks to their latest advertising products.

More specifically, advertisers using TikTok's Branded Mission can engage the TikTok community to participate in branded campaigns by developing a feed and releasing it to the TikTok creator community for analysis and engagement.

Once a TikTok creator has accepted the brand feed, they will need to post a video after that feed to participate in the branded mission. This video will be examined by the respective brand, selecting their favorite original creative videos and amplifying them with the traffic of Promoted Ads.

Finally, Branded Mission now has more opportunities to discover trends within the TikTok platform and interact with its vast ecosystem of creators of different creativity and talents. However, TikTok creators must be at least 18 years old and have more than 1,000 followers to be eligible to participate in the Branded Mission.

TikTok said that creators participating in the Branded Mission and choosing to create them with a brand will receive cash payments and boost traffic thanks to the brand they choose to promote ad traffic.

Additionally, each Branded Mission page will display a potential earning possibility so creators can decide whether or not they want to participate in one.

“We have seen how TikTok opens real opportunities for creators and brands through the power of discovery, and we will continue to memorize from creators and develop our products in available markets to supply a valuable experience for our community,” TikTok said in its announcement.

In its article, Tech Crunch said TikTok's Branded Mission is in beta testing and is available to brands in more than a dozen markets, adding that the ad product will be available in additional markets later in 2022.

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