Apple in trouble again: Airpods permanently damage 12-year-old boy’s hearing



The Cupertino-based tech giant recently became the target of a lawsuit to rip the eardrums of a 12-year-old who was wearing AirPods when a loud Amber alert was sounded, according to a recent Reuters report.

The company has yet to release a statement addressing the lawsuit and the 12-year-old’s parents.

Details of the accident and Apple’s lawsuit

According to the complaint of Carlos Gordoa and Ariane Reyes, their 12-year-old, known as PJ. In the complaint, they received an Amber alert on their iOS device while their AirPods were running. Notwithstanding, the volume of the alert was too loud for Bei’s correct ear, which resulted in the child having a fracture of the right eardrum and damage to the cochlea after Amber’s alert.

The boy’s parents described the sound from Amber Alert as an “ear-breaking” volume. They also claimed to be AirPods BG. It, specifically its right-hand AirPod, was faulty because it failed to automatically reduce or limit the volume of notifications and/or alerts, including Amber Alerts. They also stated that Apple failed to include any kind of warning regardless of how relevant the aforementioned flaws were.

Apple is being sued for $75,000 for gross negligence and fraud.

If a court of law finds Apple guilty of negligence, fraud and production of “defective” AirPods, Macrumors says , it will have to pay BJ and his parents a total of $75,000, excluding interest and costs.

Reuters reported that the family was aware that Apple knew their AirPods had triggered “extremely loud alerts” of online complaints since 2019 from users who indicated that AirPods did not adjust the alert volume to match media playing at the time of arrival. alert.

Tej Parangby, the child’s attorney, stated that BJ’s life “has changed so badly because Apple didn’t give a warning about the volume levels in the AirPods, resulting in [BJ’s] permanent hearing loss.”

Barangi also said that Apple’s alleged negligence during the design, manufacture and marketing of the “flawed” AirPod, BG has suffered “significant temporary, permanent and persistent injuries, pain, suffering, disability, and impairment in the past and will continue to do so in the future”.

“BJ has lost his ability to lead a normal life, and will continue to lead a diminished life in the future,” Paranji added.

What are Amber Alerts?

Amber Alerts, also known as Child Abduction Alerts, are issued by local law enforcement agencies when there is a reasonable belief that a kidnapping has occurred or when a kidnapped child is in imminent risk of serious physical injury or death according to the official Amber Alert website.

The alert was created in 1996 when the Dallas-Fort Worth announcers collaborated with local police to develop an early warning system to help find abducted children.

The warning is named after 9-year-old Amber Hagermann, who was kidnapped while riding her bike in Arlington, Texas, and then brutally murdered.

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