Strong Growth Forecast for Industrial IoT


Juniper claims there will be more than 36.8 billion active IIoT devices by 2025, up from 17.7 billion today.

The report postulates that advances in two key fields will drive the IIoT industry: 5G and LPWA (Low Power Wide Area).

Private 5G networks will prove to be very valuable, according to the report, as they will transmit large volumes of data in environments with high connection density and where formidable levels of data will be generated. With 5G, large-scale manufacturers will also be able to reduce operating expenses, the paper notes.

According to Juniper, more than 80 percent of the value of the global IIoT market will come from software spending, which amounts to $216 billion. Companies will spend a lot of money on machine learning-powered tools capable of analyzing data and identifying network vulnerabilities, the study says.

“Manufacturers need to be careful when implementing IoT technology; resisting the temptation to introduce connectivity into all aspects of operations,” said report author Scarlett Woodford, adding that “instead, manufacturers should focus on collecting data in the most valuable areas to drive profits.” of efficiency”.

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