Three key technologies for companies in 2022


With the accelerated digitalization of services and the new behavior of customers, technological investments have been increasing in recent years and this will not be the exception.

Digital evolution is a process that has transformed the world we knew. Hand in hand with technology, it has positioned itself as a key factor for the industries that will bet during 2022 to increase their investment flows in analysis, artificial intelligence and the cloud.

According to data from IDC , big data solutions, analytics and cloud-based services will be the technologies in which companies in the financial sector will invest the most in 2022. Likewise, the study indicates that the IoT will be one of the leading technologies in sectors such as oil-gas and public services. While AI will be key chiefly for manufacturing and retail.

Moreover, the study ensures that these technologies will be developed much more in the banking industry, where cloud and mobility will represent 30% or more of all industry spending throughout the forecast. While investments in big data and analytics will have a global growth of 11.5% in 2022.

The bank faces brilliant challenges of digitization, despite the fact that for years it has experimented with this type of technology and discovered its benefits. In fact, this sector is one of the most advanced in its transformation as they use numerous analytics and AI solutions to administer cybersecurity, risk and fraud prevention.

Matching supply with demand

Consumer behavior is constantly evolving. Nowadays, industries must adapt to the varied needs they demand. And for this, the use of advanced analytics and AI is key to offering what the consumer is looking for.

On the other hand, the trend of enabling the cloud is growing. Companies require intelligence to make business decisions, and whether their services are in the cloud, they need that intelligence that can also be obtained in real time to analyze the data that is stored there.

The truth is that not only banks will invest in technology during 2022, but also the telecommunications sector and retail and wholesale trade. Telecommunications will look to big data, cloud and IoT to expand their service portfolios, while commerce will need to increase their investment in AI and automation to optimize their supply chains and improve the customer experience.

The leading industries will always ensure the recovery and retention of business. To do this, advancing in its digital transformation processes will be key to responding effectively to the fixed changes presented by consumers and raising their businesses and competitiveness.

By Marcelo Sukni, general manager of SAS Chile

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