Nokia announces new SaaS offerings for CSPs


With SaaS for CSP, the company aims to offer telecom operators a more flexible, customer-centric and less expensive way to function networks.

Nokia Data Marketplace (NDM), Nokia’s SaaS offering launched earlier this year, is now commercially available via a SaaS platform, enabling CSPs to securely share and access data. The new SaaS version of NDM brings increased productivity, efficiency, and scalability to a variety of industry verticals, including energy, transportation, and smart cities.

Additionally, Nokia’s NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome, scheduled to launch in 2022, will enable CSPs to monetize 5G security services. Nokia Anomaly Detection, a machine learning service focused on detecting and repairing network anomalies, will also be offered through a SaaS model in early 2022.

“Offering SaaS for CSPs is a natural evolution from everything as a service, a key element to Nokia’s global strategy. It reflects the culmination of steps Nokia has taken in recent years to improve CSP network operations, including re-architecturing its software applications to be fully cloud-native and deployable in any cloud, edge, public or private,” says the company.

Between 2021 and 2025, Nokia expects to reach an expanded SaaS market, made up of CSPs and enterprises, with a value of 3.1 billion dollars and an annual growth rate of approximately 25-30%.

Nokia’s president of network and cloud services, Raghav Sahgal, said: “The convergence of 5G, cloud-native software and SaaS creates a enormous, fast-growing opportunity for Nokia. With the groundwork we’ve already been doing, our SaaS delivery framework is in a very strong competitive position. It enables a combination of fast time to value with on-demand access to Nokia SaaS applications and low cost of ownership, based on a pay-as-you-go/pay-as-you-grow business model. This is a multi-year journey and we’re doing it with a lot of energy.”

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