80% of companies plan to invest in quantum computing within the next two years


Quantum computing is a type of computation that harnesses the collective properties of quantum states, such as superposition, interference, and entanglement, to perform calculations. The devices that perform quantum computations are known as quantum computers. As defined in Wikipedia.

Advances related to quantum computing have accelerated exponentially in the last three years. Worldwide, there are increasingly companies that are betting on the use of this technology to obtain concrete advantages and Latin American companies do not want to be left out of this new technological paradigm.

Quanvia, a company with Latin American talent that develops artificial intelligence solutions using quantum computing, conducted a survey to identify the expectations generated in its application. He obtained responses from companies from more than 10 countries in the region.

With the participation of JP Morgan, BBVA and Walmart, among other renowned companies, it was recorded that almost half of the respondents intend to implement this technology in their business and more than 80% of them plan to make their first investment within the next 2 years.

These are encouraging data for experts on the subject, given that brilliant interest has been aroused in exploring a world that is still in the process of expansion. “These numbers reflect that the interest is tangible, which is consistent with the recent context in investments and concrete progress in this matter. Our desire to democratize is key to showing companies and people that there are real advantages linked to quantum technologies”, explains Javier Mancilla, Managing Partner of Quanvia.

The challenges for the future are related to ensuring that more and more people can have knowledge linked to this technology. According to the figures from the survey, only 10% had a solid foundation in quantum things. “One of the essential instruments to be able to generate awareness regarding quantum computing and its uses in the Latin American region is to understand that training, qualification and transfer of knowledge are essential prior to any type of investment or sale of service. Companies and their teams must be lucid and aligned on the relevance of this technology and its current and future usable advantage.”

Despite the lack of understanding on the part of entrepreneurs, the bet they intend to make on this technology is huge, given that 55% intend to define a budget greater than USD 3,000 per month. Although within the quantum universe they are not impressive figures, from Quanvia they consider that they are encouraging amounts, taking into account emerging markets such as Latin America. The quantum revolution has begun. Its economic accessibility and the multiplicity of industries in which its advantages can be applied, prospect a very positive future. Among those surveyed, 36% believe that it will be in the finance area where it will have the most impact, followed by the medicine and retail industries. Notwithstanding, possible economic benefits are projected in all sectors where technology plays a leading role. “Today there are already very good cases of success and use in industries such as finance, logistics, transportation, biomedicine, and retail. Research and development in this area is on the rise and its integration and complementation with other technologies is already a reality”, added the executive.

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