Little-known tricks AirPods wireless headphones can do


Over the years, Airpods have invaded the world and revolutionized the way we listen to music, yet they are full of little-known tricks whether they’re just used to listening to music or answering calls.

In this article, we review little-known tricks about AirPods wireless headphones:

1- Take pictures

When the Camera app is open, pressing either volume button on your Apple EarPods takes a photo.

So you can put your iPhone at a certain angle, then move away a little for a wider selfie or to accommodate everyone in the group photo.

2- Skip songs

Do you want to skip a song in your favorite songs list? You don’t have to take your iPhone out of your pocket to hit “Next”. Simply press the middle button on the EarPods, and the device will skip to playing the next song.

AirPods wireless headphones
If you’re having trouble hearing, AirPods 2nd generation may be able to help you/ Istock

3- Repeat the same song

By pressing the middle button three times quickly, the same song can be played again from the beginning, according to Reader’s Digest .

4- Skip the introduction

If you want to listen to a particular clip, you can press the middle button twice, but don’t leave that second click. The music will be presented quickly until you lift your finger.

To go back a little, tap 3 times, lingering on the third tap, according to Know Your Mobile .

5- As a hearing aid

If you’re having trouble hearing, AirPods 2nd generation may be able to help.

Apple has added a new feature called Live Listen with iOS12. Put your phone close to the person you want to hear, AirPods will then pick up the person’s voice.

6- Listening to songs with another person

If you want to share a favorite song with a friend, you can split your AirPods between two people, much like sharing headphones.

Unfortunately, you cannot have a three-way phone conversation; Because AirPods only have one microphone.

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