ARM Achieves Record Revenues, Record Profits in Fiscal Year 2021



ARM achieves record revenue and record profit in fiscal year 2021

Total revenue for 2021 increased 35% to $2.7 billion with strong growth in both fairness and non-franchise revenue.
2021 (non-grant) licensing revenue increased 61% to $1.13 billion as ARM ‘s expanded portfolio and new business models such as Arm Bendy Access gave more customers more reasons and more ways to license Arm technology.
2021 revenue from equity increased 20% to a record $1.54 billion, boosted by continued strong growth in 5G smartphones, more ADAS and IVI chips in cars, and price increases in 32-bit microcontrollers.
Adjusted EBITDA increased 68% year over year to $1 billion, giving an adjusted EBITDA margin of 37%.
29.2 billion chips were shipped in fiscal year 21, including almost 8 billion (7.8) in the fourth quarter.
With more than 225 billion arm-based chips shipped by ARM, they have the world’s largest computing footprint and a unique understanding of the entire computing spectrum.

“The benchmark results show that the demand for Arm technology and the power of the Arm ecosystem has never been greater – ARM’s computing platform will power the next set of technology revolutions across cloud computing, automotive and autonomous systems, the Internet of Matters, Metaverse and beyond,” said Rene Haas, President Arm Company Executive. “As we look to a future built on Arm, our priority is to continue delivering our business strategy, empowering partners with the solutions they need by further investing in our engineering talent and roadmaps, along with our ecosystem to redefine the future of computing. ”

ARM achieves record revenue and record profit in fiscal year 2021

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