New features in Google Chrome 2022: create shortcuts to favorite sites, clean trip history


Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers in the world, and it regularly releases updates with new features and fixes for some old issues. Users can find some features directly, but many features remain hidden in lengthy menus or are only available in the trial version.

Here, we present to you new features in Google Chrome 2022 that came in the latest browser updates, whether explained by Google in the support service , or referred to by technology-specialized sites.

New Features in Google Chrome 2022

1- The ability to change the background color

Users can also change the background and color of the Chrome browser, and this feature is useful if you use several personal accounts on the Chrome browser, as each user can use a different background from the other.

To change the background and color of the Chrome browser background, open a new tab and click “Customize Chrome” at the bottom right.

2- The feature of cleaning trip history

Google has announced a new “Journeys feature” in the Chrome browser that can help the user organize browsing history, as the new feature groups the sites you visited based on topic or category.

With the new feature, when you type a related word into the search bar and click Resume your research or visit the Chrome History Journeys page, you can quickly see the list of sites you’ve visited and pick up where you left off.

3- New Chrome Actions

The company has added new Chrome actions that can help you do a lot of things right from the address bar. You can save time using the action by typing its address.

Chrome’s address bar also predicts your ability to use Chrome actions based on the words you type.

Some of the new actions include viewing Chrome history, managing accessibility settings, tab sharing, Chrome Dinosaur, and more.

4- Link sharing feature

With the new link sharing feature, users can select the portion of the page assigned to the recipient before sharing the link. It will send them to that specific part of the page, rather than the top of the page.

5- Create shortcuts to your favorite websites

Shortcuts can help you save your valuable time. Just go to the Customize dialog in the Shortcuts menu. Chrome browser settings window displaying the dialog box

New features in Google Chrome 2022: Create shortcuts to your favorite websites – Image source: Google

  1. Open a new tab.
  2. At the bottom right of the screen, click Personalize.
  3. Click on Shortcuts.

6- Tab search feature

Another feature that Google has introduced into Chrome browser is tab search, when you open many tabs, it can be difficult for you to find a specific tab.

Now, Chrome browser users can search for the tab using this feature.

To do this, click the Search tab icon at the top of the Chrome window and enter the keyword for the tab you want to search for.

7- Mute button for each tab

Google makes it easier for users to mute the audio from a specific tab. The latest version of the browser comes with a new feature called “Tab audio muting UI control.”

Once enabled, the feature will allow you to mute any tab with a single click. Currently, the browser displays the audio indicator on the tab when playing audio.

8- Create a group of tabs

You can group tabs to keep related pages in one group. To create a group of tabs, right-click on any tab and select “Add tab to new group.”

A window in Chrome browser showing a dialog with the process of creating a new tab group

New features in Google Chrome 2022: Create a group of tabs – Image source: Google

  1. Right click on a tab.
  2. Click Add tab to new group.
  3. Click New group or click the name of an existing tab group.

9- Name the tab groups and customize their colors

When you create a group, all tabs in the group will be the same color. You can choose different colors for different combinations to quickly find any combination of them. Simply click on the circle next to the tab group to enter a name and choose a color.

Chrome browser window showing a dialog with the process of naming a group of tabs

New features in Google Chrome 2022: naming tab groups and customizing their colors – Image source: Google

  1. Right-click on the colored circle next to the group of tabs you want to name.
  2. Enter a name for the tab group.
  3. Choose a color for the tab group.

10- Minimize tab groups

A simple click is all it takes to shrink a group of tabs when more space is needed, just click once on the name of the tab group to make it smaller, and click again to reopen it.

A window in Chrome browser showing the process of minimizing a group of tabs

New features in Google Chrome 2022: Minimize tab groups – Image source: Google

  1. To expand or reduce a group of tabs, tap the group’s name or its colored circle.

11- Rearrange tab groups

You can easily rearrange tab groups. Click and hold on the name of the tab group and drag it to the desired position.

12- New shortcut for downloads in the toolbar

Google has started rolling out the Chrome 99 beta with a new update: a new shortcut that allows you to access downloads with a single click.

The company added this shortcut in the toolbar at the top right of the browser, and it looks like the icon that appears in the Edge browser and turns blue when you download something and turns gray when the download is finished.

13- New icons for Android smartphones

With the new Chrome icons for Android, you can start a new text search, voice search, lens search, or open a tab in stealth mode right from the home screen.

There is also a shortcut to play the game Chrome Dinosaur, even if you are connected to the Internet, or if you like the game Chrome Dinosaur very much, there is a dedicated icon for the game, as explained by the tech site GadgetsNow .

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