How to Install DirectAdmin and Run


How to install DirectAdmin.

What is DirectAdmin ?

DirectAdmin is a web hosting control panel software comparable to cPanel that allows you to manage your website and hosting choices using a graphical, web-based interface. A DirectAdmin control panel allows you to administer an infinite number of websites, email accounts, and other things. DirectAdmin automates operations so that web servers may be shared simply and web site owners can set up and administer their sites rapidly. Read more about DirectAdmin.

All this article is done on CentOs 7 Server and it can be applied to AlmaLinux :).

Login as root on your server and run the below single command:

bash <(curl -Ss || wget -O - auto

Note:I write auto in the end as the license is Auto from your Server Hosting company is providing the directadmin license for your server, for more information about buying the licensee or getting trial license please visits ( DirectAdmin pricing )

In this image, you can see the installation is done and the DirectAdmin panel ready to use!

Once the installation is done, open your system browser and access the server IP-address along with port number 2222.

example– http://youe-server-ip-address:2222

Access web interface and log in

Open any system browser that can access your server IP address along with 2222 port – example: http://your-server-ip-address:2222

Note: if you cannot access the web interface then open the 2222 port in the system/cloud firewall


Finally, you have the interface to create Users, Resellers, manager Domains, and other settings.


It is not possible to fully remove the DirectAdmin thus if you are planning to install any other web control hosting panel, then you have to reinstall the server.


Of course, you need to know how to install all the plugins and additional tools to manage the server with the websites. There is great tool that facilitate every thing to be installed, it called CustomBuild. To install CustomBuild for building the Apache and MySQL with other additional needs for your server you can check this post > Install CustomBuild for DirectAdmin

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