How is the Apple Watch 7 Series different from its previous versions?



How is the Apple Watch 7 Series different from its preceding versions?

The rapid growth of technology in recent years and intense thirst for its users in recent years has made technology and its manifestations increasingly visible in daily life. Such a situation has created fantastic competition between companies that manufacture technological equipment, and each of them is trying to use the latest technologies to satisfy its customers.

The market for electronic products is one of the markets in which these conditions are most pronounced, and participants in this market uninterruptedly introduce new products to consumers, updating preceding products and adding new possibilities to them. The pace of growth is so dangerous that most of the devices we use in everyday life today are getting smarter.

Wristwatches may have been among the first devices in the category of smart products (called smartwatch) and Apple has always been at the forefront of providing products with contemporary technology, with the introduction of the first version of its smartwatch called Apple watch in 2014 was one of the first manufacturers to enter this field . Almost every year, at the same time as it introduces its other products, Apple introduces a new version of its smartwatches and has released 7 versions of these watches in the market so far. In this article we are trying to introduce the latest version of this product known as Apple Watch 7 (Apple watch 7) and list its differences with previous versions.

The Apple Watch 7 was launched in October 2021. This product is the latest smartwatch from Apple as of this writing. Although the company has been criticized in recent years for not changing (so-called upgrades) a lot of its products in newer versions (particularly for the iPhone), the company has tried to increase the value of its products, albeit with minor changes…

This may not be the criticism of the company’s new smartwatch. In fact, although it cannot be classified as a “revolutionary product”, it has achieved relatively satisfactory changes compared to previous versions. Below, we will introduce some important changes in this series.

Appearance differences:

The margin around the watch has been reduced to 1.7 mm. This means that its screen is about 20% larger than the Apple Watch 6, which is an impressive number. On the other hand, this screen produces 70% more brightness during standby (when the hand is low) compared to the previous version. Of course, the maximum output brightness in this version remains, unchanged compared to the 5 and 6 series, the figure shows 1000 nits. The dust resistance rating of Apple watch 7 is IP-6x, one notch lower than version 5. On the other hand, the weight of the watch in different versions (Apple Watch is available in three versions: aluminum, steel and titanium) was greater than the previous series.

In the aluminum version it weighs 2 grams, steel 4 grams and titanium a little less than 4 grams. Given that these watches weigh between 32 and 52 grams depending on the gender, the 3 to 4 grams of weight gain is roughly equal to 10%, which is relatively high. Of course, for some people, a heavier watch helps make them more comfortable. In the images, you can see the difference in the size of the Clap 7 screen compared to versions 6 and 5. To the left of the applet are 5, 6 and 7 respectively:


In terms of hardware, Apple has put the s7 processor in its latest smartwatch. While using the Apple Watch 6, the s6 processor was installed without any change compared to the Apple Watch 5. The Bluetooth 5 version has 32GB of reminiscence, an electrical heart rate sensor, an accelerometer and a gyroscope similar to the preceding two versions of the Apple Watch. Although useful changes have been made to the 5 applet (such as blood oxygen sensors and fall detection), most side effects, including health sensors, remain unchanged from the 6th series.


But regarding the battery, there are a lot of differences in the Apple Watch 7 compared to the previous versions. Fast charging capability was used for the first time in this product category. Thanks to this feature, the Apple Watch charges 7.3% faster than the previous version and charges from zero to 80% in just 45 minutes. The preceding version will be fully charged in an hour and a half. The Apple Charge 7’s fast charging feature allows it to stay on standby for eight hours with just 8 minutes of charging. It can be said with confidence that the Apple Watch 7 battery changes and updates are the most significant upgrade of this series compared to preceding versions.

concluding remarks

With all these explanations, is the new Apple Watch worth buying? No and yes! Despite the changes in the Apple Watch 7 from preceding versions, given the relatively high price of these watches (the Apple Watch 7 starts at $399. Of course, the SE version is $279, which is significantly lower than the standard version even the Apple Watch 6).), its purchase value is seriously questioned. Notwithstanding, there are those who are known as fans of the brand and prefer to have the latest products of the brand, and regardless of the changes in one version compared to the preceding ones and even the price of the product, buy these gadgets.

The moment group are the people who have much older or older versions of the applets and by purchasing the seventh version of this series they will upgrade the features they have. Whether you are one of these two groups of people, you will likely enjoy buying the latest Apple smartwatch.

What is the best app version?

In terms of performance, except for the SE version, there is no difference between the released versions that use the same hardware. There is only a difference in the type of materials used, the color and appearance of these models, the selection between them also depends on the taste of people.

What accessories are needed for this smart watch?

Basically, not only for the Apple Watch 7, there are no special accessories for all smartwatches, and there are no requirements for them. Of course, moreover to the standard straps, there are a variety of clap watch straps that can give these watches a different look. A screen protector is also available for this smartwatch, due to the fact that the Apple Watch 7 has a scratch-resistant glass, it will not be needed much provided it is used under normal conditions and cared for its screen.

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