Apple discontinues iPod production more than 20 years after its release


Apple discontinues iPod production more than 20 years after its launch

Apple recently announced that it will stop production of its latest iPod touch mannequin, as the company announced that the device will be available "while stocks last".

The Cupertino-based company released the first iPod in 2001, while the first generation iPod Touch was launched in 2007.

Apple discontinues iPod Touch

According to Apple's announcement, it will discontinue the latest mannequin of the iPod due to the device being outdated and unnecessary. The company said the iPod Touch's main function, which is to reintroduce music to the world, has been added across its entire product line, from iPhone to Mac. This functionality also comes with access to more than 90 million songs and more than 30,000 playlists available through Apple Music.

The Verge report claimed the downtime was only a matter of time, with Apple making it clear that it's not looking to spend a lot of time on the iPod. This move was evidenced by Apple's decision to release the seventh generation iPod Touch with the same A10 processor as the iPhone 7 in 2019, while the iPhone 11 came out with the A13 Bionic processor in the year.

A report from showed that the A13 Bionic processor outperforms the A10 in everything, from CPU performance to battery life.

This move was further demonstrated by Apple's presentation of its other products that could replace the iPod Touch. For example, the iPhone is the best device for streaming Apple music or an entire music library on the go, with the Apple Watch and AirPods being the perfect companions for it.

Apple discontinues iPod production more than 20 years after its launch

A Brief History of the iPod Touch and Its Ultimate Fate

The iPod became one of his financial foundations during a time when he was on shaky financial ground and relied heavily on selling his Macs, according to Engadget .

Thanks to the ease of use of the iPod and Apple's marketing, the device made Apple the general consumer electronics giant it is today. It eventually released other iPod models, such as the iPod Touch, iPod Mini, and iPod Nano, to name a few.

iPod models accounted for 40% of their revenue by 2006, but it soon became clear that people wanted an “iPod,” which led Apple to create the first iPhone.

The iPod has been around for about 20 years, and now that it has been discontinued, people interested in getting an iPod Touch can do so until Apple runs out of supplies.

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