Microsoft prevents downloading Linux on some laptops




The Digital Rights Commission has observed that Microsoft prevents the installation of any other operating system on some laptops other than the version of Windows that comes pre-installed in it.

One of the users discovered the problem when he tried to download the Linux system on his Lenovo Yoga 900 ISK2 computer. It is noteworthy that this ban is limited to sure models of Lenovo devices, including the Yoga 900 ISK2, Yoga 900S, and Yoga 710S, where the manufacturer locks the BIOS in the device to prevent them. Than download any other operating system.

Lenovo confirmed locking the BIOS and preventing downloading other operating systems, but it blamed Microsoft, as the Windows operating system attached to the device comes with a digital signature, according to the terms of the agreement between it and Microsoft.

This is a confirmed case with some Lenovo devices, and it is still not lucid whether other companies follow the same approach. And whether you want to install any other operating system on a device that is locked from the BIOS, you need to do several steps that require special skill.



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