Microsoft Adds Linux Kernel to Windows 10



Microsoft adds a Linux kernel to Windows 10
Microsoft adds a Linux kernel to Windows 10 – Linux kernel

More surprises and openness from Microsoft on open sources and Linux in specific, after it had previously launched the Bash shell in Windows 10, and now it will expand further as it intends to launch a full Linux kernel with Windows 10.

The start will be with those joining the Windows 10 Virtue Experience Program this summer, as it will add its own version of the Linux kernel to the Windows 10 operating system in order to support the latest version of what the company calls Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

The kernel will be based on the stable version 4.19 with long support to ensure that WSL gets the latest Linux updates.

Thus, for the first time in Microsoft ‘s history, the Linux kernel will be included as part of the Windows operating system. These additions are expected to reach the end user in the moment major update of this year, which will come later this year.

Microsoft promises that it will update the Windows kernel through Windows updates itself, and developers will benefit in specific from this new integration, especially as it will be open source, allowing developers to create their own WSL.

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