WordPress.com Paid Blogs Support Outside Plugins and Themes




What was once a requirement and the goal of millions is now available, now free hosted WordPress blog owners can install outside plugins and themes other than those in their library.

But before you get excited, this support is limited to those with a paid subscription to the corporate plan, which costs $24.92 per month. This means that if you have a corporate plan, you can install your favorite templates and increase the degree of customization of the site by radically changing it thanks to the large number of available plugins that turn it into more than just a blogging platform.

Whether we think in an economic way, this support will not provide anything tempting to users, because it is limited to the most expensive hosting plan and does not provide it even for the cheapest plan, 8.25 dollars per month. In any case, you can get private hosting with noted companies, install WordPress, and benefit from the same features at a much lower price.

Let’s hope one day WordPress will provide this support for free subscribers as well so that their hosted WordPress doesn’t lack anything from WordPress hosted outside.


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