WordPress 5.0 update brings a different editor to reduce reliance on plugins



After numerous years of getting used to the WordPress platform editor, it seems that it will change, as site owners and page editors, particularly on Arabic sites, will find in front of them a new editor with fantastic capabilities with the WordPress 5.0 update, which aims to reduce dependence on plugins.

The company has built the Gutenberg editor in the Bebo platform version, which offers a different way to build the site or pages, so that everything depends on the content boxes (Blocks), instead of writing code to build a specific shape on the site or placing an image at the top of the page, it will be easier through The presence of ready-made codes that can be chosen between and easily locate on the site, which will reduce reliance on ready-made templates to do these steps, as well as on site add-ons to improve interpretation.

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With the new update of the editor, everything has become easier for those who want to build their site. All the user has to do is open his site to build a particular page, and then through the editor he can add content boxes by searching above and adding them in the desired place on the page as well as controlling their size and effects.

If the site owner wants to put a cover image, he can choose that from the list provided by WordPress and put it at the top of the site, and he will also be able to choose a text box for example at the bottom, or a slide for the latest news on the side, and other things in the leading editor The new one that the user was using the plugins to do.

And WordPress offers in its new editor 29 different shapes of content boxes, and gives freedom and ease of modification and adding them in the desired places, in addition to providing designs that suit different fields.

It can be said that the new editor will give those who want to own sites to design them more easily, which will reduce the costs of creating sites by reducing dependence on ready-made templates or plugins, which will make the platform more popular than before.

WordPress 5.0 update brings a different editor to reduce reliance on plugins - WordPress 5.0

It is reported that site owners can use the old editor Classic Editor until 2021, and they can take advantage of it with the latest update by installing and activating it via the plugins page, especially since the new editor will be the leading one with the latest update.

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