After its launch on iOS, Chrome browser works on the Read Later feature on the desktop

After its launch on iOS, Chrome browser is working on the Read Later feature on the desktop

For more than three years, iOS device campaigners have been able to take virtue of the Read Later feature via Chrome browser , and strangely enough, Google has not bothered to launch this feature on other operating systems, especially desktop systems, but it seems that this is about to change, This feature has been spotted in the browser version on Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux.

In turn, this extension is available as a bookmark in Chrome Canary 86 and will allow users to save tabs for later, notwithstanding, bear in intellect that this extension is still in its early stages, notwithstanding, everyone will be happy with it.

In another context, possibly if you are an Android user wondering when you will see this feature, fortunately, you can use the existing download feature to recreate this functionality, and just head to the Chrome menu button when viewing the article you want to save and then click on the download icon, after So you can head to your downloads and filter by pages to see all your saved websites.

Finally, we hope that the Chrome browser team will work on this useful feature, as it is the first step towards adding the Read Later feature across the platforms on which Google Browser works.

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