How to move from Windows to Linux in just six steps?



How to move from Windows to Linux in just six steps?

Every year Microsoft offers a newer and more advanced version of Windows than its predecessor, which requires higher capabilities in your computer, in addition to the advertisements, fixed updates, and protection that the Windows operating system requires all the time.

Whether you are tired of that, no problem, you can easily switch to a different operating system, and if you want to at any time, there is nothing better than the “ Linux ” operating system, which will provide you with all the advantages of the Windows operating system and more, whatever the capabilities of your personal computer.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with a simplified, detailed explanation of how to move from a Windows operating system to a Linux operating system.

First step: choose your distro.

Unlike what happens in Windows, Linux does not provide a new version every year for its operating system. Instead, Linux offers different versions of its operating system that are automatically updated, called distros.

Each distro has a different interface and its own set of features, some users may want to have an interface similar to that of the Mac, others want an interface that mimics the one offered by Windows, and others want a simpler interface, and because of the different requirements and opinions of users in this way, Linux is presented.” Linux” those distributions that suit the needs of users with their various requirements.

As for you, you may see it confusing at first, but in fact it is interesting. You have a lot of options, each with different features, for example: ubuntu is the most popular among old Linux users, and there is also zorin os that simulates Windows in terms of interface and functions, but it is not Popular among users, numerous, many.

But we are still at the beginning, and this is the first time for you that you will use the Linux operating system “Linux”, so the best for you now is to get a popular, simple and easy distro for beginners, and for this we propose that you initially get the “Linux” Mint operating system, we know It’s not the best distro, but it’s easy, has a familiar interface, is designed for beginners, and is great for old Windows users.

So we initially recommend Linux mint, and provided you are past the beginner stage, you can discover other distros.

In any case, you are free to choose the distribution that suits you , but we will explain the rest of the steps based on Linux mint.

Second Step: Download the Linux mint files.

Linux mint works on all devices, no matter how low their capabilities are. All it needs is an x86 processor, 1GB RAM, 15GB of storage space, and a graphics card that works with a resolution of 768 * 1024. Certainly, your computer provides all these requirements, which makes it suitable For the Linux mint operating system, it will work on it very quickly.

1 – Enter the link to download the “Linux” mint installation dossier.

2 – The page provides a number of links, choose cinnamon 64 bit version, which is the desktop environment we recommend for previous Windows users.

The installation file will be downloaded in ISO format or disc image file, so now the most important thing is to burn the installation file to a CD, DVD or USB flash drive so that we can restart the device and install the new system.

Step Three: Create a bootable installation media.

Before starting the installation, the installation file must exist on a medium, it can be a disk or a flash drive, but how do you transfer the installation dossier on the medium?

All we need for this step are 3 items.

  • installation file
  • Media (flash or disk)
  • rufus: The tool we will use to install the file on the media.

So.. Start downloading and installing the program, then open it, insert the flash into the device, the flash will automatically appear on the home page of rufus.

Select the installation file you downloaded, and at the same time select the media that you have connected to the computer, then click Start.

Do not forget that this step will erase all files and data on the flash except for the installation dossier, do not forget to transfer important files that you may need.

And when the command is finished, you will see a message stating that the task has been completed, and the name of the flash will automatically change to “Linux” mint, and this means that the dossier is now on the flash and ready to be installed, fasten your security belt now, it is time to install the new operating system “Linux” , let’s go..

Step Four: Install Linux on your computer.

Do not remove the flash drive, keep it in place and follow the steps below.

1 – Restart your device.

2 – During the restart, you must press a specific button to go to the system settings Boot menu, and this button is usually F12, F11, F10, or delete. Press one of these keys to move to the settings.

3 – Search the options in front of you in the list for Boot from inserted USB until you go to GRUB, which is the Linux boot menu.

4 – Choose from that menu Boot into Linux mint.

5 – Choose try mint.

Yes, try not install , this command gives you a chance to see whether that distro is best for you before you install it, so.. give it a try first, and whether you’re convinced, choose the install mint command.

And you will go to the part about partitioning the storage disk, and here you are faced with two options:

  • You can erase the entire hard disk with all its Windows operating system files and install Linux as your only operating system.
  • Alternatively, you can split your storage disk into two parts, and run Linux alongside your old Windows system, allowing you to use Windows or Linux whenever you want.

Choose the appropriate command from the list, and then click install now.

This process may take some time, but when it is finished, you will receive a message stating that you succeeded and that the matter has been completed, now press the Restart now button to begin the device again, but with the new operating system “Linux” mint.

Fifth Step: Get the latest version of Linux mint.

It is now time to update the existing operating system to the latest version of it, and the update here is somewhat different from Windows, when you update Linux “Linux” mint, you not only update the operating system, but the programs installed on the operating system are also updated, and this includes a browser Web, music player and other software.

And to get the latest version of “Linux” mint..

1 – Click on the update menu bar’s shield icon located at the bottom left of the screen.

2 – Enter your username and password provided you have set them.

3 – Click on Yes.

The operating system will automatically perform the required update until you are ready to run your updated Linux mint system.

Sixth step: Install applications and programs on Linux mint.

In Linux mint, downloading programs and applications from a web browser is less common than it is in Windows, because the operating system itself contains a repository called repository, which is very similar to the free app store that your phone has now.

Now, through this repository, you can download and install applications in one of these two ways.

  1. Through the command line.
  2. Or through the program manager in Linux, all you have to do is go to the start menu, then administration, then software manager, and from here you can download numerous free, open-source applications.

Some of these applications are Linux mint versions of programs on Windows, such as the spotify application.

While others are free, open source alternatives to popular Windows apps, such as:

  • banshee: It is an alternative music player for itone.
  • GIMP: GIMP is an image editor similar to Photoshop.

Browse for yourself the existing programs and search for the ones you want to get, until you finally get a copy of “Linux” mint filled with the perfect applications for your use.

ultimate Word

Thus, we have finished talking about all the steps that you must follow to move from the Windows operating system to the “Linux” mint operating system easily without making any effort and without money .

This process will take approximately one hour, and it is easy as you have seen, so what are you waiting for?

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