Fun apps that help your kids learn programming


You may think that it is difficult for your children to learn programming when they are young, but there are several wonderful solutions that enable them to acquire programming skills from a young age. Below are ways to start your coding adventure, and encourage kids to become coding creators, not tech consumers.

Is teaching programming good for children?

Not long ago, the idea of programming for children began to become more popular, as STEM education statistics indicate that in 2025 there will be 3.5 million jobs related to programming and those educational fields. There is no doubt that learning programming for children is one of the necessary matters that must be mastered because in the coming years we are going to program in a very noticeable manner due to the remarkable technological development. In addition, there are several reasons that encourage you to teach your children to program since their childhood, and among these reasons we mention:

There is a great demand for programmers.

Knowledge of programming allows students to better understand the world.

Programming is fun for everyone.

Programming improves creativity.

Programming improves communication, collaboration, and problem solving.

Fun apps that help your kids learn programming

Using new programming skills, child programmers can create their own games, while also enhancing their problem-solving skills and practicing logical thinking, math, and reading skills as well. These apps help your kids learn everything related to programming from simple commands, to complex programs. The programming applications listed below feature a range of formats designed for all ages and intellectual abilities.

Code Spark Academy App

CodeSpark Academy is a multi-award winning app for teaching kids how to code. This app’s game-like interface makes programming fun for kids who don’t even realize they’re learning. Kids learn to code using lovable characters called The Foos. Kids use logical thinking and problem-solving skills to help The Foos get matters done.

The app enables young thinkers to create their own stories and games that pave the way for them to become the skilled app makers of the future. Thoughtfully designed puzzles allow children to memorize without the help of parents, developing a sense of confidence when solving problems. This app allows kids to code their own games, and share them with the kids programmers community. The app is KidSafe certified, contains no ads, or in-game purchases, and is available for installation on Android and iOS devices.

daisy dinosaur app

Daisy the Dinosaur is a free iPad app for kids who want to memorize programming that helps your kids learn basic computer programming concepts in a way that even 4 year olds can understand. The dinosaur teaches Daisy programming concepts such as loops and conditional commands without using complex jargon. This short game makes programming fun and easy for kids. Designed to give kids a glimpse into the possibilities of coding, this app is free to download, is fun, and is the best way to receive kids interested in the possibilities of coding.

jumping game app

You can take advantage of the Hopscotch app to teach your kids to code, it’s available for free on iPad and iPhone and is designed for kids from 7 to 13 years old, but anyone can use it at any age. Jumping game app helps your kids create their own games, apps, animations, or anything else they want. Your kids will feel the ease of programming by using the kid friendly tools if by the app. The app contains educational videos that teach your child to code by creating popular games like Pokemon Go, Geometry Dash, graphic apps, and more.

Scratch app

ScratchJr is a free software application for young children from 5 to 7 years old. It helps them to program their own stories and interactive games, and through this application they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the computer. Kids put graphic programming blocks together to make the characters move, jump, dance, and sing.

Kids can modify the characters in the graphic editor, add voices to them, and even insert their own pictures, then use the coding templates to bring their characters to life. When young children program with ScratchJr they will learn how to express themselves using the computer, not just interact with it. Through this application, your children will be able to develop their skills in mathematics and language, which support the development of numeracy, reading, and writing skills in early childhood. With ScratchJr your children not only learn to code, but also practice it to learn. This application works for free on Android and iOS devices.

Cargo bot app

Cargo-Bot is a free programming app available on ios devices, suitable for children 10 years of age and older. This application specializes in teaching children to solve puzzles related to a robotic arm that must be programmed to perform various tasks, such as moving colored boxes to create a design or a specific drawing.

The Cargo-Bot app was initially built on iPads using a touch coding app called Codea which is based on the LUA programming language which means that the Cargo-Bot is intended to memorize the LUA language which is suitable for young programmers.

Code Adventures Apps

Code Adventures: Coding Puzzles for Kids is a unique app suitable for children aged 6 years and above, that works on both Android and iOS devices. The application focuses on computer programming puzzles suitable for children, and is characterized by its beautiful design. Your children will learn how to program fun visuals, sounds, and lovable characters by solving complex puzzles. The goal of the app is to bring Aurora domestic by completing 30 puzzle levels. It includes different levels from basics to loops and conditional commands. Kids need to put the commands in the right order, and they will also find out whether repeat commands are needed to move the character around the screen, because each movement takes just one step in any direction. Various puzzle elements such as flying platforms, drawbridges, stairs, and gates are gradually introduced making programming more fun. Your kids will solve challenging puzzles while learning how to code, and this app is a great possibility to enhance parents’ communication with their kids and spark their interest in STEM-related topics.

a summary

All in all, teaching coding to your kids is a great solution provided you find that your child is interested in learning more approximately computer science, using the above mentioned apps allow your kids to become better at coding, and learn every aspect of it.

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