how to import large SQL file to PHPMyadmin by using php script


Upload the large database from this tiny php script. You can upload even more than 1 GB database. I have faced this problem before, I tried to upload database from SSH and phpmyadmin – it did not work!! But look what, I got this tiny scripts which helped me. Here up the script you will find it in the end of this article.

Watch the video to learn the process exactly!

What is BigDump?

When you are about to replicate or move a database then importing large SQL dumps  can be difficult for those with only web access to the MySQL server. phpMyAdmin has certain shortcomings when importing files of more than a modest size. In such cases BigDump can be a helpful utility.

How to use BigDump?

  • Extract the file and open the bigdump.php file in a text editor.
  • Configure access details:

 // Database configuration
 $db_server   = "localhost";
 $db_name     = "your_DB_name"; 
 $db_username = "your_DB_user_name";
 $db_password = "your_DB_password"; 
  • Find the below line and change it’s value to 4500This value represents the lines to be executed per one import session.
$linespersession    = 3000;
  • Find the below line and change it’s value to 4000This value represents how many lines may be considered to be one query (except text lines)
$max_query_lines = 300;
  • Upload both your SQL file and bigdump.php to the same directory on your webserver.
  • Now browse to bigdump.php and click import
  • Wait for few minutes and you will see a confirmation screen similar to the one below.

import large file in phpmyadmin

Download the tiny script from here! 🙂