A quick look at the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.. the strongest competitor to the AirPods pro from Apple!


At its conference held yesterday, Samsung revealed the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro headset, which comes with a smaller design than the previous version, and improvements in sound insulation, mic quality, and surround sound.

Samsung’s return to launching wireless headphones with high specifications and exorbitant prices as well; Although all versions had an excellent audio experience and practical features such as noise isolation and transparency mode that allows you to use the mic to hear the surrounding sounds around you. However, it struggled to choose a good design that does not look like a copy of the Apple headphones, and at the same time is practical and comfortable to wear for long periods.

That flop was evident across the various Samsung headphone releases, we’ve seen the Galaxy Buds Live for example and how it introduced a college-inspired design, which immediately failed and consumers didn’t like it.

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

And now, with the unveiling of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro headset at the Samsung conference , the Korean company was able to finally settle on a design that combines identity and comfort factors, so it kept the design of the Galaxy Buds Pro, which expresses the company’s original design, but with a 15% size reduction, which means More comfort in the ear makes you not feel the weight of the headset, as was the case in previous Galaxy Buds versions.

Samsung also increased the area of ​​​​the ventilation grille in the design of the speakers by adding an air vent ; Allowing additional airflow to reach your ears and reducing any feeling of “blockage” during extended use, we also believe this modification will improve the use of Transparency Mode and make it more visible.

Samsung has not changed the design of the box in its new headset compared to the previous version, and it is very small, which makes it convenient to put it in the pocket, and at the same time it comes with an elegant and luxurious design that shows its quality. Each headset comes with a battery with a capacity of 61 mAh, while the box comes with a battery capacity of 515 mAh. Which makes the total usage period 29 hours. It is worth noting that the case comes with a Type C port and supports wireless charging.

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro headphones also come with three built-in microphones, with the addition of a “glass isolator” that extends to twice the size of the previous version, which helps in better noise reduction.

Speaking of noise, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro headphones come with an advanced noise isolation system (ANC), as with previous versions, but this time, according to Samsung’s statements, the new Samsung headphones will be able to isolate noise by three decibels more than the previous version, Galaxy Buds Pro.

The new Samsung headset also comes with the ability to identify the voice of people, for example, if you are talking to a passerby, the headset will immediately cancel the noise isolation mode and activate the transparency mode so that you can hear the other party by amplifying his voice in your ear.

As for sound quality, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro supports Hi-Fi (24-bit) audio, which means stable and high-quality sound during processing for clearer and richer sound, but you will need a Samsung phone running One UI 4.0 or higher to support this feature Samsung also clarified that this feature will be available for applications that support it, and let us answer your question that Spotify is not among those applications yet.

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro also supports improved 360° surround sound over previous versions, providing “a more immersive and realistic experience with Dolby Head Tracking technology to simulate a cinematic surround sound experience,” the company says. The new Samsung headset supports Bluetooth 5.3 in addition to IPX7 water resistance.

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro will retail for $230 and is available in three color options: graphite, white, and bora purple.

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