OnePlus 10T official information reveals the arrival date


OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced that the OnePlus 10T phone will be launched on August 3rd in New York City, with OnePlus continuing its performance-focused specifications with a high-quality processor.

OnePlus had revealed the new generation of its flagship phones, OnePlus 10, at the beginning of this year, and the company plans to increase the models of the flagship phone with the third quarter of this year.

OnePlus 10T Pro
OnePlus Pro

Powerful Performance in OnePlus 10T

The phone comes with the first generation Snapdragon 8 Plus processor, which is the latest from Qualcomm and which is theoretically higher than the 8 Gen 1 available in the OnePlus 10 Pro.

The company says that the 8 Plus processor offers faster performance and better battery efficiency than the previous one, and it is also greatly improved for the quality of graphics processing to meet the desires of gamers.

Performance will also improve with the launch of the company’s proprietary interface OxygenOS 13, which Lau says will come to the 10 Pro first and then the 10T later this year.

In this sense, the OnePlus 10T will be with greater improvements in performance and will certainly outperform the 10 Pro, which already attracts users and fans of OnePlus products.

There is not much information about the specifications of the two upcoming devices, but it appears from the individual image of the device that OnePlus released, that it has several cameras that are very similar to the OnePlus 10 Pro phones, which feature wide, ultra-wide and telephoto standard rear lenses.

OnePlus 10T

design points

In the past few days, leaked images of the OnePlus 10T appeared to be the one that was selected for the official announcement of the phone, which shows it with a shape very close to the 10 Pro.

The picture is for the back of the phone, but the cameras area is not completely clear and it seems that it will be with 4 lenses or maybe only three and the fourth place for the flash.

Speaking of the rear camera, OnePlus 10 Pro was criticized at the beginning of the year due to the lack of improvements to the camera and photography compared to the last generation, but according to the leaks, the camera may be improved in OnePlus 10T.

The company will also provide a 150-watt charger for the phone, which will reach all markets around the world after it was announced on August 3.

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