Galaxy A-series phones accounted for 58% of Samsung smartphone sales in 2021


Galaxy A-series phones accounted for 58% of Samsung smartphone sales in 2021

Press reports indicated that the South Korean company Samsung has ranked first in selling smartphones worldwide with a value of 21% of the market share, thanks in part to the strong shipments of the Galaxy A series phones that are characterized by selling at a low price.

Where it was reported that smartphone shipments for the second quarter of 2022 this year fell by 9% year on year, and reports indicated that problems related to the global economy are responsible for that decline.

Samsung outperforms Xiaomi and Oppo

Despite all these difficult political and economic conditions, the South Korean giant Samsung was able to excel, and the Samsung Galaxy A series of phones is characterized by low-priced phones with high-quality cameras, large-capacity batteries, and good performance in general for the price.

The leading American company, Apple, ranked second with 17%, due to the continued high demand for the iPhone 13 series, which made the company retain its position among the rest of the smartphone manufacturers.

While Chinese smartphone manufacturers Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo came in third, fourth and fifth place respectively, and each of these companies saw a decline in phone shipments during the second quarter, making them have global market shares of 14% for Xiaomi, 10% for Oppo and 9% for vivo.

Annually, Apple achieved a leading 21.4% increase in market share year on year, while Samsung’s annual increase in market share for the second quarter was 16.7% making it second only to Apple.

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