Space Tycoon: Samsung enters the world of Metaverse through Roblox games

Space Tycoon virtual space at Samsung space station inside Roblox

Samsung Electronics has officially announced entering the world of Metaverse by launching a virtual space inside the Roblox platform called Space Tycoon, which provides a virtual playground that allows users to create and play games and share experiences using the products of the Korean giant along with a group of virtual space characters, with the adoption of In the style of business simulation games, which are games in which the player manages the economy of a project, such as theme parks, train networks, and others.

Samsung said that through Space Tycoon, it aims to provide an integrated metaverse experience for Gen Z (post-millennials), so that they can create and enjoy their own Samsung products, and it aims to enable its Gen Z customers to create experiences with its brand. business and interact with each other.

The virtual Space Tycoon is located on the Samsung space station inside Roblox, next to the research lab where aliens conduct research on the latest Samsung products.

Samsung’s Space Tycoon Metaverse allows players to design the company’s various products

Samsung Metaverse Space Tycoon

In Space Tycoon, players can design various Samsung products, including different Galaxy phones such as Galaxy S22 Ultra , etc., TVs, and various home appliances, with the resources they get from mining, and then buy or get game items from the store.

Samsung’s virtual space in ROBLOX allows players to get creative by practicing creating realistic products and using them as in-game tools . Fly or transform The Sero life TV into a helicopter for one person, and more than 20 Samsung products are now available in the store in its virtual space, Space Tycoon, with the ability to change the colors of purchases randomly depending on the level achieved by the user, and Samsung said that it will update the products regularly.

And the Samsung Metaverse Space Tycoon is launched inside Roblox in up to 14 languages, and Samsung confirmed that it will enhance the metaverse or the virtual space with many additional features, such as the ability for users to interact with each other, share their creativity and attend exclusive virtual parties, and also said that it will hold dedicated events through its official website. Within the YouMake campaign that focuses on personalizing and collecting Samsung products.

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