6 warnings from the head of WhatsApp for all users


The CEO of the WhatsApp platform , Will Cathcart, has warned all users of the application not to download any modified or close applications to WhatsApp, because of its extreme danger, as these fake versions of the application penetrate the users’ devices and withdraw their data.


In his tweets , Will Cathcart stressed that the WhatsApp security research team is working to delete and remove all applications similar to WhatsApp, which are in fact fake and deceptive applications that destroy the security of users.

The head of WhatsApp noted that there are a number of applications, including an application called “Hey WhatsApp”, which is a very dangerous application, and described it as just a fraud to steal personal information stored on users’ phones.

We present a number of warnings and tips that the president of WhatsApp directed and stressed, to avoid all WhatsApp users at risk and exposing their data to hacking and leaking:

WhatsApp chief warns:

Not to use any modified versions or any applications similar to WhatsApp, including the “Hey WhatsApp” application from a developer called “HeyMods”, as it is a malicious trick for everyone and hacks users.

Malware present in modified WhatsApp apps is a malicious threat that must be confronted and the WhatsApp security community continues to develop new ways to prevent it from spreading.

Modified or fake versions of WhatsApp can offer features similar to the application but do not offer the end-to-end encryption feature that is obtained with the original version of WhatsApp that helps protect your conversations and personal data, so no one can access your details.

The new fake version of WhatsApp, “Hey WhatsApp” is not visible on the Play Store, but users who try to download apps from unofficial sources should be careful before installing them on their phones.

If you see your friends or family using a different form of WhatsApp, please encourage them to use the original WhatsApp application only from a trusted app store or directly from the official website at http://WhatsApp.com/dl.

Do not use any WhatsApp-like application as the Google Play Protect team on Android phones can now detect and disable malicious fake versions of WhatsApp that were previously downloaded, and then delete and disable them.

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