Warnings of dangerous software threatening Android devices!


Microsoft experts have warned of the spread of malicious software that threatens the security of Android smart devices.

According to the experts, “the mentioned malware affects Android devices when they are connected to some cellular networks, and downloads dangerous code into devices to carry out a cyber attack.” According to experts, this software is activated when using Wireless Application Protocols (WAP), that is, when the device is connected to the cellular network.

Moreover, the mentioned software automatically, through dynamic download, connects the phone or smart device to paid services, and secretly takes over the process of entering subscription data and passwords on behalf of the user, and it also hides all notifications and messages that the user may receive after connecting his device to those services so as not to The victim knows it.

Experts point out that this type of dangerous software may infiltrate Android devices through external applications that are not offered through the Google Play Store, since the laws of this store do not allow applications to use and download codes and codes automatically without the user’s knowledge, so it is recommended to use applications in the Google Store only This is indicated by the security symbol.

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