A new tool that allows you to confirm if a website is safe to use before visiting!


It launched a new website verification tool to help users confirm whether a site is legitimate before visiting it. It enables users to enter the address of any website to check whether it is a real website or a scam, and provides a trust score for it. The tool is hosted on the website of the Internet security group Get Safe Online, which has worked with the fraud prevention service Cifas.

The score is calculated by an algorithm based on more than 40 data sources and malicious website reports. These reports come from law enforcement agencies, regulators, and consumer brands to identify and screen the sites that users enter. Users simply type the address of the website they want to check, and their results will appear within seconds. It checks if it has reported phishing or malware, if it has blocked any content and its SSL certificate that verifies its security.

“For more than 15 years, Get Safe Online has been providing online security advice to individuals and small businesses to ensure that we can all use the internet safely and with confidence,” said Tony Nate, CEO of Get Safe Online. The internet is amazing, but as with many things, there are drawbacks to look for when using it: scams, people trying to take advantage of you and your personal information.”

Scammers use fake or malicious websites, which often impersonate genuine websites, to lure people to share personal and financial details. The details can then be used to facilitate identity theft, with 9 out of 10 cases occurring online. According to the latest data from Cifas, there was a 43% increase in identity theft-related cases submitted to the national fraud database in the first three months of 2022, compared to the same period last year.



Source: Daily Mail

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