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Samsung begins sending the update One UI 4.1 based on Android 12 for these economic devices!


Samsung has started sending out the One UI 4.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G, Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A03s, and A02s in select countries.

Samsung has managed in the recent period to become one of the best companies in support of its devices at all. .

Not only did Samsung send quick updates to its phones, but it also extended the support period to reach four years of continuous updates for all its phones released after 2019.

And now Samsung has proven to us that this support is not limited to only leading and even medium phones, but will also support phones from the economy class despite its modest hardware, so it started sending the One UI 4.1 update based on Android 12 for both Samsung Galaxy A22 5G and Galaxy phones A21s, Galaxy A03s, and A02s.

As for the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G phone, which comes with a MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip and One UI Core 3.1 interface based on Android 11, it has started receiving the One UI 4.1 update in Thailand and Malaysia, the update number is A226BXXU4BVF7. It is worth noting that the phone already received the Android 12 update in May, accompanied by the One UI 4.0 interface .

What is the difference between One UI and One UI Core?

One UI Core is a slimmed-down version of the regular One UI interface, from which a number of services, such as Bixby voice assistant and Safe Folder – Knox, have been removed. It is intended for budget phones with hardware positions, such as the Galaxy M class and some versions in the Galaxy A class.

The Samsung Galaxy A21s phone has also started receiving the Android 12 update in Russia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and it will reach more countries in the coming period. The update number is A217FZHU8DVF6, which is directed to the SM-A217F version.

As for the Samsung Galaxy A03s (SM-A037F version) and A02s (SM-A025F and SM-A025M version), both have started receiving the One UI 4.1 Core update, for the Galaxy A03s the update (A037FXXU1BVFB) has been received in a number of Asian countries, while the A02s received the update (A025FXXU4CVF4) in Russia and Panama.

How can I get the One UI 4.1 update?

You may wait for a few weeks until the update officially arrives on your phone, as companies do not release system updates in all countries at the same time, but if you can not stand the wait, we advise you to read our detailed article on how to install official updates on your phone manually, without losing your data or Exposure to any risks if you follow our steps correctly!

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