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Meet the shockproof Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro with Removable Battery!


Samsung revealed the XCover 6 Pro phone, which comes with a shock-resistant design, with a removable battery, with mid-range specifications and hardware.

In the current period of the technical trend, companies focus on strong hardware, even at the expense of durability and manufacturing materials, so we see companies like Xiaomi launching their Boco -class phones , which feature strong hardware despite the economic price, in exchange for making the phone entirely of plastic. In general, tech companies are not currently interested in making steel phones enough, although today’s smartphone is more than just a device we use, it has become more of a travel companion that shares all the moments of our lives.

And because one of the success factors is to provide what the market lacks, Samsung noticed the lack of strong phones that are able to withstand in difficult conditions, so it decided to officially unveil its steel phone, the Samsung Galaxy “XCover 6 Pro”, which combines performance and strength in one unbreakable phone.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro comes with a feature we haven’t seen in years

Since Steve Jobs announced the first iPhones in 2007 with a non-removable battery, other companies gradually started to follow his path, until it became rare to get a smartphone with a removable battery in 2022 – besides the headphone port, of course – was the obvious reason for taking these measures Back to water and dust resistance, we still remember how consumers opposed the idea of ​​buying a phone with a non-removable battery, but Samsung came to remind us of the past and give us a feature that we missed for many years, as the XCover 6 Pro comes with a battery that can be removed and replaced with ease, according to the company’s description.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro design

In addition, Samsung’s heavy-duty phone comes with many features, but perhaps the phone’s ability to withstand dust and water is the most important feature, as the phone comes with an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance and with MIL-STD-810 certification, which is a military standard that emphasizes The robust design of the device.

Water and dust resistance was not affected by the presence of a removable battery, and the process of replacing the battery in the phone is very simple, as was the case with old phones in the past, as this was prevalent on phones that were manufactured more than ten years ago.

Speaking of the XCover 6 Pro’s battery, it comes with a capacity of 4,050 mAh, with USB-C charging which can provide up to 15W of fast charging. The nice thing is that you can carry an additional spare battery for the phone instead of using the power bank. When the device’s battery runs out, you can easily change the battery and continue to use the device normally immediately afterwards without the obligation to connect the device via the cable to the power bank.

The durability and strength of the phone did not affect the design

Although it targets front-line workers and the industrial class rather than ordinary people, and comes as a rugged smartphone that promises to be ultra-resistant with a shock-resistant design, it hasn’t affected the exterior design significantly. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro is about 9.9 mm thick and weighs 235 grams.

The phone comes with a 6.6-inch FHD + TFT LCD screen with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz covered with a Gorilla Glass Victus protection layer, which makes it possible to use the device when wet or using gloves without problems. The XCover 6 Pro comes with large bezels – compared to other phones – with a circular notch for the front camera.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro

Finally, the phone offers an additional programming button on the back, an idea that has become popular in many powerful phones. This button can be customized in a number of ways such as opening an app of your choice or performing a specific function such as turning on the flash .

Specifications and performance of the Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro

It is clear that the main feature of the new Samsung phone is its resistance to water and dust with a removable battery, but that is not all, the phone comes with fairly strong specifications that make the device a fierce competitor to the popular strong phones, especially those directed to workers in the fields of work and front rows outside offices , which can be counted on the fingers.

As for the processor, the phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G octa-core processor with 6nm technology, which is capable of doing all the usual tasks quickly and efficiently with support for 5G connectivity, along with an Adreno 642L graphics card. The performance of the phone is boosted by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The phone also provides a microSD card slot that enables the user to add storage capacity of up to 1 TB.

In terms of the operating system, the phone comes with Android 12 with the famous Samsung interface One UI 4.1, it also supports the Samsung Dex feature, and the device is likely to get four future Android upgrades and five years of security updates.

Samsung Dex

It is a feature found in some Samsung phones with high specifications, as it allows you to turn your phone into a personal computer by connecting it to any external display.

The phone comes with a fingerprint reader integrated with the power button and provides two cameras at the back with a 50-megapixel main sensor with f/1.8 aperture, and an 8-megapixel secondary lens with f/2.2 aperture. As for the front camera or the selfie camera, it is not very developed and comes with a 13-megapixel resolution with an F2.2 lens slot.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro price and availability in the market

Unfortunately, Samsung has not released any information about the price of the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro so far, although the company has confirmed that the phone will be launched this month and will be available in select markets including Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and it could reach other countries at a later time. .

Waiting to know the official price of the rugged Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro in the Middle East, Samsung France said that the device will be sold during the first half of this month at a price of 599 euros, which is the same price announced by Samsung Germany.

However, keep in mind that the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro is a device aimed at the enterprise market first and foremost. Which means that you may not be able to find it easily in the market depending on your area.

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