Twitter deletes more than a million fake accounts every day


The move comes from Twitter to curb fake and fake accounts after Elon Musk suspended his acquisition of Blue Bird.

Twitter and fake accounts

The world’s richest man threatened to block a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter unless the tweet site showed evidence that spam accounts and bots were less than 5%.

Musk previously tweeted that one of his biggest priorities after acquiring Twitter was to rid the platform of fake accounts and spam bots.

In response to Musk, Twitter said that spam accounts were well under 5% of daily active users, a number that has not changed since 2013.

The Twitter site explained that human reviewers manually check thousands of accounts on the platform at random. They use a combination of public and private data in order to see and report the percentage of spam and bot accounts.

The platform said it does not believe that the calculation of such accounts can be done externally because it would require private information. At the same time, she refused to disclose the type of data she would provide to Mask.

Fake social media accounts have been problematic for years. Advertisers rely on the number of users provided by social networks to decide where they will spend money. Spam bots are also used to amplify messages and spread misinformation.

It is reported that Twitter and other social networks have spent years trying to crack down on bots and fake accounts. Through teams that moderate content manually as well as artificial intelligence tools.

But many describe spam and fake accounts as a tricky and difficult problem because the actors who do it are constantly updating their methods so as not to be exposed.

Finally, the problem of fake accounts is known to Twitter and its investors, and the company has disclosed the number of bots on the platform to the US Securities and Exchange Commission for years and indicated that the estimates were low and did not exceed the known percentage.

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