Google redesigns the logo for its Google Play app store


The last time Google changed its Google Play store logo was in 2017, and now after about 5 years, the Google Play Store has got a new logo.

The Google Play logo is one of the company’s most recognizable logos that you can instantly recognize when you move inside your Android phone.

It can be said that Google Play is the official application store for the Android operating system, and anyone who has an Android phone can download what they want from applications and games with ease.

There are nearly 5 million apps available on the Google Play Store compared to about 2.87 million apps in 2020 with more than 100 billion downloads by users.

Old and new google play logo

Google Play

Apparently, Google has decided to make a slight modification to its Play Store logo with some new colors and you may not notice it because it has reached a limited number of users.

Currently, the new Google Play logo appears when making a transaction within the App Store, where the new logo appears in a low-resolution mini version at the top of the payment details.

It’s hard to see the change, but the colors and the look are noticeably different when you look at the old and new logo.

The new Google Play logo is still triangular, but you can notice that the corners are more curved and rounded compared to the current shape.

The blue and green colors are darker than before and the interior parts that were equal in size are no longer so, as the blue triangle has become large in size compared to the other sections.

It is reported that Google redesigned its store logo years ago when it removed the shopping bag icon and since this time no major changes have been made to the store’s logo.

The company does not want to make drastic changes because it knows that users know the store just by seeing the logo, which has become a global icon that everyone knows.

Finally, no one knows when Google made this change to its App Store logo or whether it will be circulated, but if it is, it may gradually reach all users in the coming period.

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