Twitter is testing an unprecedented feature in social media


A number of the pioneers of the social network Twitter began to notice changes in the mechanism of posting tweets on the platform for the first time, as it turned out that the network is making new changes and adopting an unprecedented method in social media.

News has confirmed that Twitter is preparing a new feature to enable cooperation between more than one user to publish one tweet, and now it seems that the company has reached advanced stages and started testing operations before the official launch.

According to a report from The Verge, a number of Twitter users have spotted an option called CoTweets, which will allow one user to tweet and then invite a second user in the tweet to be marked as a participant in the tweet.

On trial, it was found that a second user would have to approve a Tweet before it could be considered shared between two accounts, which is a very interesting and unprecedented change in social media.

The report indicated that more information is not entirely clear, but it appears that replies and comments that will be posted to the tweet will currently only go to the main account holder of the tweet.

And a few hours after it was monitored by users, the Twitter account Created posted the first official signal from the social network about the change, which was a video promoting cooperation and how the new feature works in a limited way and confirming the name of the CoTweets that it will come with.

Beyond advertising and promotion, it will be interesting to see how Twitter users will start using this new feature, it’s now in the beta phase which immediately precedes official adoption unless there is a change in the proposal, and perhaps if it is successful, it will eventually be rolled out to all users .

It should also be noted that given that Twitter is currently testing this also unfortunately means that there are chances of the proposal being rescinded should any operational issues arise or be unwelcome by users whose accounts have been enabled to be tracked.

Twitter is trying to add several improvements to the platform recently. Over the past year, tweets have been increased into longer format parts with the introduction of notes, as well as adding ways to control how tweets are posted, making things more personal.

The company, after waiting for years – and years of demand from users – finally decided to work on the button to edit tweets after they were published, and it is also in the testing phase for some users.

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