New version of the Apple Watch with a larger screen and a durable case for extreme sports


It appears that Apple is developing a new model of its smartwatch with a larger screen and a tougher metal case for tough sports.

And Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that the new Apple Watch will get a screen measuring approximately two inches by the diagonal. This represents 7% more display area compared to other versions of the Apple Watch.

Apple smart watch

Dedicated to extreme sports, the watch will use a strong metal material instead of aluminum, which features a shatter-resistant screen.

It will also include a larger battery compared to the regular Apple Watch, allowing athletes to track workouts for longer periods of time.

Bloomberg indicated that the new version of the Apple Watch for extreme sports will be launched alongside the eighth generation of the Apple Watch.

It is expected that the eighth generation of the Apple Watch will retain the size of its diagonal screen of 1.9 inches. As for the Apple Watch SE, it will come with the same screen size as the current 1.78 inches.

All new Apple Watch models will also receive an updated S8 processor that is said to have similar performance to the previous S7 processor.

As for the eighth generation and the new version of the Apple Watch for extreme sports, it will be able to read the user’s body temperature and detect fever along with other health and fitness updates.

Additionally, Bloomberg first reported early last year 2021 that Apple plans to expand the Apple Watch lineup with a powerful version to better compete with Garmin, Fitbit and Samsung watches.

It is noteworthy that the iPhone maker launched the first version of the Apple Watch in 2015 and since that time the watch has become an essential part of the American company’s products.

Apple’s smartwatches are included in the wearables, home and accessories division, and this division generated $38.4 billion, or 10% of the company’s total revenue, in the last fiscal year.

Finally, we may see the new watch soon because the American company usually announces the new models of its smart watch in the month of September along with the new iPhones.

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