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A revolutionary feature from Apple to protect iPhone and iPad users


Apple’s systems are known to be highly protective and sophisticated to counter many hacker attempts, but the principle that every software code can be hacked and circumvented, the American company decided to develop a revolutionary feature to protect users from hackers.

And according to a statement from Apple, a new protection feature, which is still working on it, has been provided in the latest beta version of iOS 16 that the company provides to developers before the official launch of the system in conjunction with the unveiling of the iPhone 14 next September.

The company’s statement stated that the protection mode works by blocking many, turning off many features, especially connection and communication in iPhone phones, such as messages, disabling connectivity with other devices, turning off some web browsing technologies by default, blocking sending invitations and canceling FaceTime calls from unknown sources. .

Additionally, wired connections to computers or accessories are closed while protection mode is active, and the ability to add new configuration profiles or register in Mobile Device Management (MDM) is disabled.

Apple Lockdown Protection

The company explained that it is these features and communication capabilities that hackers exploit in order to access sensitive data of the victim, as the cybersecurity and communication team Project Zero of Google has detailed how to penetrate the iPhones of the targeted people using Pegasus software and by means of a GIF that is sent to the victim and exploit the work of services iMessage is in the background.

The report also provided that victims can be targeted with other attacks by exploiting MDM in iPhone frequently by malicious websites and thus user data can be accessed.

Apple said that the new protection feature or Lockdown does not work through protection software in the system, but rather it is a means that forces the closure of all the previously mentioned features when the user requests to activate the maximum protection, when he senses danger when visiting a site or receiving unknown files on any of the applications .

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